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Air Jordan 1 Mid in CLOT Design

Air Jordan 1 Mid in CLOT Design

Update 05-12-2019
We are now approaching the release date of the Edison Chen x Air Jordan 1 Mid "Fearless". So far, there is no confirmed date yet for the sneakers in this country.

The sneakers are actually inspired by the Chinese concept of yin and yang with their removable overlays. The base is a nylon-coated layer showing the Silk Royale pattern. In addition, the layer can be removed to expose black and gold leather parts.

A Chinese coin with the "乔 1" branding (translated to Jordan 1 in Chinese) is part of the unique lace lock for the Edison Chen x Air Jordan 1 Mid "Fearless", while a red outsole and a black/white Kumpman on the tongue complete the overall design.

On December 6th, JUICE stores in Shanghai will be releasing the sneakers along with an in-store raffle. After that, another release at Nike SNKRS will follow on December 7th. Many people are already anticipating this huge drop. Stay tuned and don't miss the next news.

 pics by CLOT Original article 24-10-2019
The massive "Fearless" collection from Nike has just started. We still have some hyped sneakers like the Air Jordan 1 OG "Shattered Backboard 3.0" and OG "Fearless". The collection will probably end on December 7th. On this day, three sneakers are scheduled to drop. We're anticipating the new Air Jordan 1 High Zoom "Fearless" in two colours and with a shimmering upper. They have already been leaked some weeks ago together with a CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid SE "Fearless".

Some sneakerheads may already be familiar with the CLOT style. At the beginning of October, pictures of a Nike Air Force 1 have appeared, showing a silky upper and a shimmering graphic. This luxurious touch will also appear on the new Air Jordan 1 Mid.

CLOT's Edison Chen covers 100% of the middle Jordan with a grey silk upper. Special features include Chinese coins for the lace lock and a black Swoosh on each side, half of which is embroidered. A white midsole and red outsole complete the overall design.

Check out the release of the CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid SE "Fearless" and don't miss it when it drops! 

Rumour has it the sneakers will be released on December 7th. The official pictures have already been delivered by Nike in advance. So, are you thinking of copping these latest sneakers? Don't miss the release by staying in tune to the next news through our Grailify app. There, you're sure to always be up to date.

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