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In 2023, the Air Jordan 1 will be 38 years old. The Jordan Brand silhouette is perhaps the biggest contributor to its huge success. The 1984 sneaker is the very first silhouette by Michael "Air Jordan" Jordan. Many fans call Michael the GOAT (Greatest of all time). But not only because of the sneaker, but also because of his basketball career. The legend played in the NBA from 1984 to 2003. There were even two interruptions. MJ's best career, however, was with the Chicago Bulls. By many unanimous opinions in the NBA and outside, he is considered one of the best basketball players in NBA history that the world has seen. Even the NBA does not doubt these opinions and agrees with the votes. Numerous MVPs, titles and awards made "His Airness" an icon that will probably never be forgotten.

And that's where the story of the Air Jordan 1 begins. Not only his successes make Michael Jordan an unforgettable person, but also his portable trophies. Air Jordans have been around since 1984. They got their name from Michael, who was called "Air Jordan" himself. People associate the sneakers with the professional basketball player. In the beginning, they were only made for Michael Jordan and were never supposed to be made available to the public. The first Air Jordan 1s ever released, of course, had the colours of the Chicago Bulls. Basketball fans now know exactly that this is a no-go in basketball.

Made to Rise - The Air Jordan 1

At that time, the colours on the trainers had to match those of the other players. Everyone knew that Michael Jordan was breaking an important rule. That's exactly where Nike saw its opportunity at the time. The brand turned the violation of the rule into a perfect advertisement. Every time Michael wore different shoes, he had to pay a fine of 5,000 dollars. Nike covered the costs and the Air Jordan became famous. As time went on, the fines got higher and higher. But Nike and Michael Jordan were not deterred by this. Why should they? That's the only way the Air Jordan became what it is today.

The Air Jordan 1 Continues to Grow

But Nike didn't see the end in the Air Jordan 1. Back then, the red/black colourways were among the best colourways that are still cult to this day. So why not use the iconic colours on other sports shoes? Tinker Hatfield, Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore designed more silhouettes back then and made sure that the Jordan line is not forgotten until today. The Air Jordan 1 was followed by the Air Jordan 2, Air Jordan 3 and so on. In the meantime, we have arrived at the Air Jordan 38. However, Jordan Brand does not continue the line of sneakers senselessly, but also uses the individual moments of MJ's career. Another colour becomes a Jordan Brand classic and shows us the early career of the legend.
Before the great career with the Chicago Bulls began, the #23 played for the University of North Carolina (UNC). He was the best basketball player in the UNC Tar Heels. As a result, the light blue colour from the alma mater became "UNC" at Jordan Brand and still features on many Air Jordans to this day. Some sneakers even combine the college career with the Chicago Bulls career and combine the blue and red colour together to write a piece of history.
But other special moments are also part of Michael Jordan's life and one event he will probably never forget. 1985 will be a special year for Michael Jordan that we still remember to this day. On August 25th, 1985, his career with the Chicago Bulls was one year old. He chose to play in an exhibition game between Stefanel Trieste and Juve Casetra in Trieste, Italy, wearing Trieste's team colours of orange, white and black. But those are not the features that led to a brand new and hyped colourway today. "His Airness" scored a good 30 points in the game. But the special moment was his devastating dunk. A dunk that shattered the entire backboard. That was the birth of the Starfish/Sail/Black colours. By the way, Michael Jordan wore an Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" for that game.

The Great Success of the Air Jordan 1

The success of the Air Jordan 1 seems to be maintaining its hype level. Jordan Brand is releasing more and more iterations with world-renowned stars, designers and even rappers. Through collabos with UNDFTD, Off-White designer Virgil Abloh or Eminem, more and more Grails are being created.

On reseller platforms like StockX or KLEKT, Air Jordan 1 are among the best and most expensive sneakers the sneaker world has seen. The Off-White x Air Jordan 1 editions are traded between 1,000 USD and 3,000 USD. This makes some sneakers already a collector's item and a cash investment.

Can the Air Jordan 1 Hype Continue to Grow in 2020?

Absolutely! The potential has not yet been exhausted. The last weeks and months alone show that Jordan Brand still has many ideas up its sleeve. Special events like the NBA All-Star Game, which takes place every year, give the brand the opportunity for more unique colourways. In early 2020, Nike and Jordan Brand unveiled a big 8×8 collection with 8 collaborators that will be released on NBA All-Star weekend. We know that the original Air Jordan 1 High OG is the offshoot for more versions. In addition to the OG, the Air Jordan 1 Mid and Air Jordan 1 Low also exist. The silhouettes don't often make it to the top. Still, the Air Jordan fan community likes to see the new colours on the Jordans.

For example, in Jordan Brand's 8×8 collection, no Air Jordan 1 High OG appears, but a new Mid iteration. Designer Sheila Rashid creates an Air Jordan 1 Mid in a two-piece purple/grey colour scheme. Travis Scott, for example, is a relatively new talent. He recently designed an Air Jordan 1 as well, so if more new additions like this appear in the future, the Air Jordan 1 has a rosy future.

Why the Air Jordan 1 will Continue to be a Strong Silhouette in 2021

And another year has passed and the sneakerheads and hypebeasts have received some new and crazy colourways. Some editions were very much in demand and others rather less so. But not with the Air Jordan 1. The silhouette looked positively towards 2020 and with a new release, the sneakers were (how could it be otherwise) always sold out after only a few seconds or minutes.

The queue for the Dior x Air Jordan 1 High was particularly long. On June 28th, 2020, luxury brand Dior and Jordan Brand collaborated to release an Air Jordan 1 High as well as a Low variant and demand was abnormal. Although the retail price of 1,900€ for the High and 1,700€ for the Low were abnormally high, some sneaker maniacs wanted a model. But will the legendary Air Jordan 1 still be in demand in the new year 2021 and will we see new Grails from the Beaverton-based brand again?

Probably no one wants to confirm this statement 100%, but in the last weeks of 2020, Jordan Brand has already presented some models for the new year that have caused quite a stir on the web. This was the case with the Air Jordan 1 High "University Blue", which is part of the Jordan Brand Spring 2021 collection. The model gets the legendary colourway that reminds us of the early days of Michael Jordan. Besides, we know that the brand with the Swoosh always has some surprises in store. Therefore, we could well imagine that sometime in 2021 some sneakers will be released that nobody would expect. So we are very excited and start the new year with a very good feeling. Good luck with your copping.

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