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New Balance
The well-known brand New Balance was founded as early as 1906 under the name "New Balance Arch Support Company" by 33-year-old immigrant William J. Riley in Boston. Initially, William J. Riley produced orthopaedic insoles until his successors produced the first running shoe "Trackster" in 1960.

At that time, the "Trackster" impressed with its wave-shaped sole and was produced in different widths. Even today, New Balance is one of the few brands that offers different widths. At that time, New Balance shoes were mainly known at the universities, where the sports clubs liked to use them — and not only at Boston University, but gradually all over the country. At that time, there was no big investment in marketing, but instead success came through word of mouth and local sporting goods fairs.

New Balance Helps the Running Boom in the USA

It was not until the sale in 1972 to Jim Davis that the brand became internationally known. This was due in no small part to the running boom that spread through Boston and the entire USA.

Today, New Balance has more than 5,000 employees, and its shoes are sold in over 120 countries. In the past few years, the brand has experienced constant ups and downs. Among other things, this was due to the image problem after the New Balance sneakers gained popularity in the neo-Nazi scene. The reason for this is seen in the logo of the sneakers, because a large N is sewn onto the shoes. In order to get a grip on the situation, drastic measures had to be taken, and the sale of New Balance shoes was stopped in right-wing radical shops.

After these incidents, New Balance had to do a lot of convincing to get the normal stores to sell the brand's sneakers again and include them in their assortment. Fortunately, this also succeeded, especially through useful partnerships with stores like Solebox.

In recent years, the brand has boomed again, which we definitely don't begrudge New Balance after its problems. New Balance sneakers are now available in countless colours in almost every store. And rightly so, the retro sneaker hits the zeitgeist with its current designs. And the brand also celebrates great success in the runner scene. 

Fun fact about New Balance sneakers

Steve Jobs was not only known for his black turtleneck jumper, but also for his grey New Balance sneakers.

The most popular New Balance models

When it comes to classic running shoes, there is no way around the popular New Balance 990. Launched in the 80s, the sneaker is characterised by its iconic silhouette, high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The 990 series has evolved over the years and includes various iterations such as the 990v2, 990v3, 990v4 and more.
Of course, the list of most popular NB sneakers cannot be without the coveted New Balance 550. This classic is arguably one of the brand's best-known and best-selling silhouettes. The lifestyle sneaker is known for its versatility, comfort and timeless design.
Another iconic running shoe is the New Balance 1906R, known for its cushioning and comfort. Again, the sneakerhead will find a timeless design. 
If you talk about New Balance, you will also come across the "1500" model at some point. The well-known sneaker has excellent cushioning and support and is available in countless colourways.
From April 2020, fans will also find the New Balance 327 on retailers' shelves. Partner Casablanca made a grand debut and presented two impressive variants of the 327. Eye-catching details include a chunky sole with large studs and raised heels and toes.
One of New Balance's most popular sneakers is the New Balance 990v5. The latest iteration of the 990 range has attracted a lot of attention with its combination of comfort and style.
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AURALEE x New Balance RC30 "Tan"



New Balance 990v3 Tan Green - Made in USA



New Balance 990v3 Brown Purple - Made in USA



New Balance 550 Turtledove



New Balance 9060 Mushroom



New Balance 550 Treu Red



New Balance 550 LA Rams



New Balance 550 Granite



New Balance 9060 Cherry Blossom



New Balance 580 Multicolor



New Balance 9060 Multicolor



New Balance 1906R Eclipse



New Balance 1906R Silver Metallic



New Balance 1906R Burgundy



New Balance 990v1 Green Gold - Made in USA



New Balance 990v3 Green Gold - Made in USA



New Balance 990v3 Black Tan - Made in USA



New Balance 2002R Protection Pack Driftwood



New Balance 2002R Protection Pack Grey



New Balance 990v1 Tan Green - Made in USA



New Balance 991 Pink Suede



New Balance 650R Honeycomb



New Balance 650R Interstellar



New Balance 2002R Protection Pack Navy



Salehe Bembury x New Balance 990 V2



New Balance 1906R Cordura Pocket Tobacco



New Balance 1906R Cordura Pocket Black



New Balance 580 White and Nightwatch Green



JJJJound x New Balance UK 991 Grey



Stone Island x New Balance 574 Legacy Green



New Balance Rainier GTX Turtledove



New Balance 1906D Turtledove - Protection Pack



New Balance 1906R Nightwatch Green



New Balance 1906 Reflection - Protection Pack



New Balance 1906 Black - Protection Pack



New Balance 1906 Grey Matter



New Balance 1906R Mindful Grey



Patta x New Balance 990 V3



Bricks & Wood x New Balance 9060



New Balance 990 V3 Green Purple



Bodega x New Balance 9060



New Balance 990 V2 Made in USA White/Blue



New Balance 990 V3 Made in USA White/Blue



New Balance 650 Triple White



New Balance 550 Marblehead



New Balance 550 Burgundy Navy



New Balance 550 Nightwatch Green



New Balance 550 Summer Fog