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The Shoe Surgeon Redesigns the Air Jordan 1 with TWIX

The Shoe Surgeon Redesigns the Air Jordan 1 with TWIX

There is food, cars, fashion, music labels, and then there is the Shoe Surgeon. When well-known brands try to make their way into the sneaker community, they often experience an inevitable setback. This is because the market is highly competitive and hard to reach. But, if you don't want to go wrong with both quality and ingenuity, you should turn to the Shoe Surgeon.

Sneaker expert Dominic Chambrone a.k.a. the “Shoe Surgeon" has been a well-known figure in the scene for a long time. His individual custom sneakers are no doubt always well-made and innovative. Many world-famous companies want to work with him. But, not everyone will probably be on his collab list.

Interestingly, TWIX seems to have quite a soft spot on the Shoe Surgeon, because the popular snack bar, together with the famous sneaker customizer, has created a fierce TWIX x The Shoe Surgeon x Air Jordan 1. You’ve got that right, because the Shoe Surgeon has clearly derived inspiration from the snack bar’s new variety, TWIX Cookies & Cream.

On the outer portion, the AJ1 is evidently based on the packaging of the new TWIX. The upper material is a light blue and is combined with white and brown accents. The materials are of very high quality, because every single part is made of cord. But, the heavy details are yet to come. The white outer material is actually removable. And, underneath it is a black base with white dots. This is in fact what the TWIX Cookies & Cream looks like from the inside. Even the tongue has a hidden layer.

The special collaboration can be seen on the tongue tag. On this special edition, TWIX immortalizes itself with its famous logo.

In addition, the brown Swoosh certainly reminds you of chocolate, while the blue laces can be interchanged with black, brown, or cream laces. Another highlight are the blue soles, which feature the LEFT TWIX and RIGHT TWIX lettering. The whole thing is packed in a special limited edition box made especially by TWIX x The Shoe Surgeon.

Do not miss the release of the TWIX x The Shoe Surgeon x Air Jordan 1! 

Sneakers from the Shoe Surgeon are often more expensive. Some models allegedly went online in the USA and were sold out within a short time. A much larger release is expected in February.

pics by The Shoe Surgeon

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