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The Newest Joyride Member--Nike ISPA Joyride Envelope

The Newest Joyride Member--Nike ISPA Joyride Envelope

Nike's Joyride cushioning has been around for four months. It was first seen in the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit. What's unique about this new cushioning system is that it absorbs the athlete's every step through thousands of small beads in the sole, allowing the foam to expand in different directions to meet the wearer's needs.

The Nike ISPA Joyride Envelope is now getting ready for its next run. ISPA is actually a philosophy of Nike and it stands for Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, and Adapt.

And, Nike makes sure that this philosophy of the Envelope is implemented particularly well. The running shoes adapt to the runner's every movement and can be used either for the cold days in winter or for the hot days in summer. The upper is particularly distinct thanks to the envelope-type construction. When the cover is folded in the middle, the sneakers become weather- and waterproof. To convert it into a summer running shoe, the cover must be folded to the side. The perforated design then ensures superb cooling comfort with every wear.

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With the ISPA Joyride Envelope, Nike has developed a fully functional running shoe for both summer and winter. Two colourways will be released on December 27th: a Nike ISPA Joyride Envelope "Black/Metallic Silver" and a "Blue Hero/Barely Rose". Don't miss the next news, restocks and releases by getting the Grailify app. With it, you are always up to date.

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