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The Nike Zoom KD13 has a Dual Zoom Unit

The Nike Zoom KD13 has a Dual Zoom Unit

Kevin Durant shines not only on the court, but also in the fashion world. The professional basketball player proves this with his latest signature sneaker, which is certainly an incredible update. With his latest sneaker, Durant realizes a kind of modern sportiness. The KD13 has a double-stacked Zoom unit under the forefoot, which significantly increases comfort, whether it's with fast dribbling or a quick sprint. The sneakers adapt to the wearer's foot and enhance playing style with improved features.

"The intent behind a Zoom Bag is similar to the intent behind a mechanical spring under your feet," said Ross Klein, senior creative director at Nike Basketball. "The essence of a spring is to return the amount of energy you put into it. In the KD13, we double the spring in the form of the double-stacked forefoot zoom, so you ride more in the system and get more energy back."

A sneaker must definitely absorb the impact and return the energy gained. Depending on how the game is played, the movement of a player can also look differently. That's why Nike developed the Zoom KD13–a sneaker that adapts to the player's needs.

Don't Miss the Release of the Nike Zoom KD13

Nike releases the black and white colourway worldwide on April 6th. In North America the sneakers will drop on April 17th. Here, you can see the first pictures and more colourways to come.   

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