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This is Why Athletes Love the Nike Epic React Flyknit

This is Why Athletes Love the Nike Epic React Flyknit

Judging by the media and consumer reaction so far, Nike is about to land another hit with the upcoming Nike Epic React Flyknit. Set to launch on February 22nd, the advanced running shoe implements the latest performance technology in a futuristic-looking design.
But the Nike Epic React Flyknit is more than just a nod to the ongoing trend of slimmer "tech silhouettes". It's built to actually run, in keeping with Nike's mission: "To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world".
In terms of innovation, the Nike React foam sole is computerised from a single piece of material and has already proven to be a great performance booster on the Hyperdunk 2017 and Jordan Super.Fly 2017 basketball models.

Serious runners couldn't wait to try out the first running version of React. They got their chance during a test session at the Nike Epic React Showcase in London, England, attended by Nike athletes and Senior Director of Nike Running Footwear, Bret Schoolmeester.
Senior Director of Nike Running Footwear, Bret Schoolmeester, with the new shoe.

Athlete-Driven Performance

Here's what Nike-sponsored athletes from a variety of disciplines - because running is essential to all sports - had to say about their training regimen and experiences with the shoe in a panel discussion moderated by multiple gold medallist Michael Johnson.

Zeina Nassar

Professional boxer from Berlin, four-time German champion

Zeina, please tell us why running is so important in your training as a boxer.
Boxing is a full-body workout and uses all muscles. That's why endurance, speed and strength are the ingredients for successful boxing training. And I train these qualities when I run. You have to get better every day, and that's why I enjoy it so much.

Now you got the Reacts for running - how did you feel?
I was totally impressed because the shoe looks so simple but feels amazing on my feet. It's super light and comfortable and really adds style to my feet. I feel like I can run a really long distance, for example the Berlin Half Marathon in April. 

Toby Alderweireld

Footballer for Tottenham Spurs

How important is running in your training?
It is very important. I think football is not only about playing the game on the pitch, but also being physically ready. If you are fit, you will make the right decisions in your head and if you are faster than your opponents, you will be a little step ahead of them.

Lukas Högberg

European CrossFitter from Stockholm

Tell us how you use running in your training?
Running is an important part of my training, especially in the off-season when I do a lot of long distance, low heart rate runs to improve my endurance. At a CrossFit competition, we do about 15 events in four days. There is a lot of running in the competitions and I need endurance to recover quickly. But I love and enjoy running. 

Dina Asher-Smith

British sprinter and Olympic bronze medallist

You've had to deal with some injuries and setbacks. How do you manage to stay so positive despite all these challenges?
I find it very easy to stay positive because I am a positive person by nature. I am really grateful that the most important thing in my life and the thing I think about when I wake up is how to run faster today. My job is to run in a straight line - with a little curve now and then - but really it's all about running in a straight line. I really feel so grateful and blessed, and I'm not going to waste this opportunity.

Packed with Technology

Other Nike athletes who shared their positive experiences with the Nike Epic React Flyknit were Estelle Raffai, 200m sprinter from France, Caster Semenya, middle-distance runner from South Africa and 2016 Olympic champion in the 800m, and British sprint hopeful Reece Prescod.

Athlete feedback played an important role in the development of the shoe. Designers and athletes invested 2,000 hours and tested more than 400 combinations of tools and chemicals and covered 27,000 kilometres of test runs.
The Nike Epic React Flyknit implements the latest Nike designs in several ways: First, there's the wedge-shaped Nike React sole, a new foam tooling that's made from a single piece. Engineered via computer technology, the sole follows the Opposites React design concept by combining softer and firmer areas for a new level of cushioning.

Second, React foam combines with strategically placed rubber segments in the toe and heel for added traction on the oversized outsole.
And third, the ultra form-fitting upper is made with breathable Flyknit and fused overlays for a lightweight and supportive running experience.
The Nike Epic React Flyknit will launch globally on February 22nd, 2018. It will be available via and at select retailers.

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