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15 Years Nike SB Dunk - #throwback

15 Years Nike SB Dunk - #throwback

In 2017, we're not only celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 1, but also the 15th anniversary of another icon - the Nike SB Dunk! Nike started its SB chapter in March 2002 and made it one of the biggest skate brands in the world with team members like Paul Rodriguez aka P-Rod, Stefan Janoski and Lance Mountain.

In the beginning, it was anything but easy for the Swoosh to gain a foothold in skateboarding. In the mid-1990s, there were some failures with shoes like the Air Chode, which were ridiculed by skaters. But in 2002, everything changed when the four original SB team members - Gino Iannucci, Richard Mulder, Reese Forbes and Danny Supa - each created their own signature colourways of a classic, the Nike Dunk.

The Nike SB Dunk, a low-top version with skate-specific features, caused a perfect storm - both in the world of skateboarding and in the world of sneaker collecting. Skaters liked the SB Dunk because it offered a change from the puffy, chrome shoes that were the norm at the time. And sneakerheads began to clamour for the shoe as each release was limited to a few hundred pairs, bringing a whole new audience into skate shops. The hype grew even bigger when artist collaborations and the Supreme SB Dunk hit the market.

In this week's Throwback we look back at 15 years of Nike SB Dunks with two short clips, one from Nike and one from Vice Sports. It's an amazing overview of the evolution of Nike SB Dunks! And there are some funny moments where skaters like Wieger Van Wageningen admit that they had no idea how much street value their kicks - like the SB Pigeon Dunk - really had and just destroyed them while skating.

For more information and a comprehensive archive, visit the special Nike SB landing page "15 Years of SB Dunk".

YouTube - Vice Sports
YouTube - Nike SB

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