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Did you know that the actual Nike SB series has been around since 1997? At that time, however, Nike did not yet have the abbreviation "SB". Beaverton ventured into the skateboarding scene 23 years ago and designed sneaker and apparel gear to take the skateboarding stage. But since other brands already dominated the market back then, it wasn't easy for Nike to make a new statement directly. The skate specialists relied on other brands that had known the arena for many years and knew what a skateboarder wanted. Especially Vans played a big role at that time, taking a big part in the skateboarding community.

In 1997, Nike was already 33 years old. So the Swoosh already had experience in the sneaker sector. For a whole 5 years, Nike launched further attempts that were supposed to lead to great success. But they were never able to hit the bull's eye. It wasn't until 2002 that something happened at Nike. The Beaverton-based brand decided to launch a new line that focused and specialised on the market.

Nike SB Was Created in 2002

The Nike SB line is born. After five years, Nike dared to try and design a new line. Together with Nike SB, the first sneakers were also created directly, which convinced the skateboarders and gradually displaced the other brands. One of the first Nike SB sneakers ever created was the Nike SB Dunk Low. The model that still convinces us in skateboarding today. Even if it wasn't a hit at the beginning, it was the first model that skaters talked about. The first Nike SB Dunk Low model had a padded collar, a padded tongue and the comfortable Zoom Air insole. The core features that still exist today.

But the paradox of this story? Nike SB took the inspiration for the Dunk Low, which has gone down reasonably well in the community, from earlier models. The fact that the skate specialists were thus easily tricked, so to speak, escaped many. After the first Nike SB Dunk Low, further attempts and sneakers from Nike SB followed logically to consolidate the place on the halfpipe. After that, the Nike SB Angus, Nike SB FC, Nike SB Delta Force and Nike SB URL appeared. However, these silhouettes had a hard time matching the Nike SB Dunk Low.

The Flagship of the Nike SB Dunk Low

Nike SB has finally caught up after a long time. The first models were followed by more sneakers and the first colourways of the Dunk. But for Nike SB, not only the sneakers should have a presence. Even then it was clear that sneakers also needed a wearer and, above all, a face with which the community could identify. The first advertising face was therefore needed quickly and was to become the figurehead of Nike SB. One of the first collaborative partners was the then 20-year-old skateboarder Paul Rodriguez. In 2004, Nike SB decided to sign the professional and continue to passively build up the SB line. Among numerous collections and models, the hype around the Nike SB Dunk Low continued to grow and it seemed like there would be no end to it. A year later, Rodriguez got his own signature sneaker called the "Nike SB Paul Rodriguez Zoom Air Low".

But that model wasn't to end the line either. After a brief hiatus, Nike SB decided to bring in another skateboarder to add another silhouette to the game. Robert Lance Mountain, who was previously the face of adidas, was taken on by Nike SB in 2005 and from then on, alongside Paul Rodriguez, would debut a new sneaker. From then on, the Nike SB Blazer shone alongside the Dunk, which had a few updates to offer.

More Models of the Nike SB Dunk

Over time, the Nike SB Dunk Low got older, more mature and perhaps dustier. Skateboarders needed a breath of fresh air from Nike SB. The Dunk Low was not to be the first and last attempt. Shortly after, Nike SB decided to release more models that build on the DNA of the Dunk Low. One strong borrowing that the Swoosh ventured after a new development was the Nike SB Dunk High, which was reminiscent of Nike Blazers. Presumably, many skateboarders complained about ankle injuries. Clearly, Nike SB released a sneaker that was cut higher and provided much more padding and protection for the ankles.
But not only athletes should enjoy the comfortable Nike SB Dunk Low and High. Sneakerheads should also get some of the brilliant shoe. Nike SB has opted for higher quality sneakers that you don't necessarily need for skating. Besides the classic Nike SB Dunk Lows and High, Pro iterations have also been released. The Nike SB Dunk Pro differs mainly in the material. The high-quality sneakers thus reached more fans and expanded their horizons at the same time.

Nike SB Dunk Collabs

For some time now, Nike SB has been working closely with other partners. Because the silhouette should also be recognised in the future. With renowned partners like Supreme, StrangeLove and Eric Kosten, the Dunk keeps reaching new hype levels. Even world stars like Travis Scott want to lend a hand to the Nike SB Dunk and contribute their own creation. But among the biggest iterations are also the masterpieces with the house brand Air Jordan. Last year, Nike SB and Jordan Brand released two Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 High OG. Fans celebrated the uppers in particular. This is because the colour on the leather wears off over time, revealing a second base colour. For skaters, this feature was a must-have.

Moreover, the brand maintains its stable value with more iterations coming from other silhouettes. In December 2019, Nike SB released a Dunk High Pro "Space Jam". The name probably sounds familiar to most. "Space Jam" originally released the Air Jordan 11, and Nike SB thought the colourway could look good on the Dunk High as well. And they were absolutely right! Most shops no longer have a size in stock.

Will the Nike SB Dunk also Do Well in 2020?

Definitely! Nike SB has proven that the Dunk Low and High have earned a deserved place in the sneaker game. In the meantime, not only skateboarders show themselves with the sneaker. The Dunks offer themselves as lifestyle sneakers and score points with their own style. Above all, the sneaker community celebrates crazy and high-quality materials.
We assume that Nike SB is far from finished. Above all, Nike SB might still have an ace up its sleeve. Jordan Brand is expanding its high, low and mid series. Nike SB, on the other hand, only shows high and low versions. Maybe the Nike SB Dunk Mid series will be expanded soon?

The Most Important Features of the Nike SB Dunk

Let's talk about some of the features that make the Nike SB Dunk a popular choice among skateboarders and sneaker enthusiasts:

First and foremost is durability. These shoes are built to withstand whatever comes their way, especially when skateboarding. They are equipped with a thick and reliable rubber outsole, which ensures that the shoe does not lose its excellent grip while maintaining stability on the skateboard. With these robust shoes, you can ride on any surface.

Secondly, these shoes have the famous Nike Zoom Air technology, which is located in the heel and provides relaxed cushioning for the feet. It also protects your feet from injury when you're performing skateboard tricks. This also helps absorb shock and prevent injuries.

Thirdly, we should appreciate the padded collar and tongue, both of which provide extra comfort and support while skating. 

Fourth, these shoes are very versatile, so you can choose them according to your taste. They are available in a variety of low, mid and high cuts, all of which offer a unique style.

Finally, these shoes have an excellent ventilation system that keeps your feet dry and fresh while skating.
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