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Air Force 1
Timeless classic, cult shoe, and king of the sneakers all in one. With the Nike Air Force 1, the label is sure to set every sneaker heart aflutter. The abundance of models is just one of the many advantages of this unique sneaker. There are now almost 2000 models on the market. The story of the stylish cult shoe with the many faces actually begins rather pragmatically. The search was on for a high-quality basketball boot that would be comfortable and at the same time provide mobility. A legend was then created whose story is far from over and which knows how to reinvent itself with every release.

The year 1982 was most likely the birth of the Nike Air Force 1. Bruce Kilgore was hired by Nike to design a modern and functional basketball shoe. For the first time, the then extremely innovative Nike Air technology was used to provide the athlete with better cushioning for jumping and running. The air-filled midsole was accompanied by lateral padding, which not only offered good support and comfort for the wearer, but also reduced the risk of injury by supporting the movement sequences, while at the same time dampening the resulting energy. The visual appeal of the new sneaker quickly drew the attention of not only athletes but also fashion aficionados to the Nike Air Force.

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With ever new looks, innovative material mixes, and stylish colourways, Nike continued to inspire the sneaker scene with its Air Force One. To this day, the Nike Air Force 1 is regularly released: variants from Air Force low to Air Force high to trendy boots do not only offer you suitable silhouettes for every taste, but also a variety of colourways to choose from.

Do you want your sneaker in beige or black, for men or women, in the low or high version? The Nike Air Force 1 fulfils every sneaker dream. At, we keep you up to date with all the news and trends, rummage around for the truth behind the latest rumours, and bring the sneaker scene straight to your home. The next release is already on the calendar for you. Download our free app today and become part of the stylish sneaker scene online.
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