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Material, Fit and Style of the Nike Air Max Plus

The Nike Air Max Plus has a perfect fit with a secured closure and lacing system. On-feet reviews of this shoe have found it to be true to size and with a comfortable lining that is suitable for wearers with narrow, medium, and wide feet.

The Nike Air Max Plus, whose technology was considered top-notch in 1998, was originally released in the Hyperblue colourway and wowed everyone with its superior technology. The sneaker has been continued in modern colourways ideal for both men and women. The most popular colourways of the Nike Air Max Plus include Ice blue, Black, Tiger, Bordeaux, and Breathe. These adapt beautifully to the ever-changing style of the younger generation.

High-quality materials such as leather, rubber, and mesh are used. These are fused together and injected to form a ribbed support. The Nike Air Max Plus sneaker is a retro running shoe that comes in a variety of exciting colourways. It can be used to create a fresh style. Sneakers have become a trend in the growing athleisure fashion.

The Nike Air Max Plus for men goes best with sporty sweatpants and shorts with a relaxed fit. This combination is suitable for when you're on your way to the gym, or for a relaxed evening at the nearby bar.

Colourways like Hyperblue and All Black are great colour options for those looking for kicks that go with almost any outfit. The Nike Air Max Plus sneakers for women are best paired with skinny jeans or leggings for a sporty look. The cool colourways make it easy to combine fitness gear with everyday casual streetwear.  It's the perfect model if you want to wear versatile shoes that range from fitness activities to everyday errands or window shopping at the nearby mall. The All Red Nike Air Max Plus, for example, can be eye-catching enough to become the focal point of your outfit. The orange and burgundy colourways can be worn to add a more feminine touch to the sporty outfit of the day.

When the Nike Air Max Plus was launched in 1998, the OG colourways of these legendary running shoes were crucial to their initial sales success. The popularity of McDowells' Air Max Plus design continued for several decades. Many unusual colourways were released to quench the thirst of its most ardent followers for new colours. The Nike Air Max Plus was also responsible for the success of other air-sprung shoes such as the Nike Vapormax Plus.

Nike Air Max Plus History

When Nike released the Nike Air Max Plus in 1998, it became an instant hit. Many sneaker fans opted for this kick as it trumped the Air Max 97.

The timing of the Nike TN or Air Max Plus release was just right. The Air Max 95 had already paved the way for its design with unique rubber grooves, a kind of exoskeleton on the sides, and full-length Air cushioning on the bottom. What made the sneaker more interesting was the colour gradient, which seemed to be sprayed on and faded out in the upper. Sneakerheads loved the play of colours in the new Air Max.

The seemingly above average price makes the shoe a favourite of fans looking for premium kicks that don't wear out easily. The original design for the Air Max Plus was created by veteran shoe designer Sean McDowell. The Air cushion unit was combined with a Tuned Air system, where individual pods provide runners with a high level of impact protection.

McDowell got the inspiration for all these designs while on holiday in Florida, reinterpreting the sunset and the palm trees in the sky.  He thought of the palm trees bending in the wind and thought that this could provide stability and incorporated these lines into the design of the shoe. A few months later, McDowell, who had already worked in retail in 1997 in his first year for Nike, was asked to work with one of the biggest retailers, Footlocker.

He was to develop a shoe with Tuned Air, which would then be released with new cushioning technology. This is called "Sky Air". He began sketching the design using various sunsets with palm trees. These led to the gradient in the upper and a thermoplastic vinyl exoskeleton of the Nike Air Max Plus shoes. Another characteristic detail of this sneaker is the upper, which extends from the bottom of the sole to the midsole.

Also unmistakably unique to the design is that the logo is longer and slimmer than the usual Swoosh logo, which contributes to the model's identity. However, the main focus of the design is the Tune Air cushioning technology, which gives the Nike Air Max Plus the alternative name of Nike TN or Tuned due to the Tuned Air cushioning system. Previously, Nike Air units consisted of certain material filled with gas. In the mid-nineties, Nike started to develop a new membrane material for the Air units that improves cushioning and increases comfort in the midsole. The new cushioning system combines the already comfortable Nike Air with a network of individually tuned pods that specifically provide runners with better impact protection.

Nike Air Max Plus Opinions from the Internet

Some users find that the Nike Air Max Plus offers a good lockdown fit. The rubber material and the exoskeleton are highly appreciated. The Air sole unit makes the sneaker more durable.

The new colourways of the classic sneakers of the late '90s are also considered stylish, trendy, and fashionable for the younger generation. The Air Max Plus shoe's Air cushioning in the heel and forefoot makes every step comfortable, according to the majority of wearers. The Nike Air Max Plus offers satisfactory ankle support and protection. Many buyers feel that the shoe is very lightweight.

Several customers love the OG colourways, which offer a nostalgic feel. Also, the rubber outsole has excellent grip.


After a detailed insight into the style, technology, and history of the Nike Air Max Plus, you should now have a good idea of whether the shoe is suitable for you or not.

In general, the sneaker is a comfortable companion that won't let you down through long walks or daily activities. It also convinces with its countless colourways. Style on! Combine what you like.

Nike makes the Air Max Plus sustainable

How can you make a perfect trainer even better? This is a difficult question that every sporting goods manufacturer probably asks themselves, but only a few brands have an answer ready. Nike's solution sounds perhaps the best, because the sports giant from the USA simply reduces CO2 emissions in the production of its sneakers. This includes the popular Nike Air Max Plus line, which is partly made of sustainable materials. It may sound strange, but Nike turns waste into modern shoes. To do this, the brand from Beaverton recycles items that have already been produced and feeds the newly created material into a resource-saving design. So what could the sustainable result of the Air Max Plus look like? By leaving the upper of the Nike TN Air Max Plus unchanged to retain the iconic design, and instead improving the sole. To do this, the company uses the innovative "Crater Foam". A closer look reveals remnants of production waste, plastic bottles, foam and material scraps. But the upper of the new Tns is also becoming more sustainable. More and more AM Plus releases have a multi-layer upper made of at least 20% recycled material and the legendary chassis made of 30% recycled plastic.
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