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Here are Five Remarkable Things About the LEBRON XVII

Here are Five Remarkable Things About the LEBRON XVII

When LeBron James visited the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon back in June, he teased a whole new look of the latest model in his signature line. Since then, we’ve already been teased enough with his LEBRON XVII on social media. And, the one true remarkable thing about this release is that it finally concludes this famous man’s quest for obtaining that much-needed agility and structured support in shoes.
Jason Petrie, Nike’s very own designer of the LEBRON XVII shoe says, “We had the ‘blueprint’ in mind for the 17, and we started from the ground up on everything, whether that was the construction of the knit or the way we could protect him underfoot with Air bags," With regards to the aim of this latest iteration, he further states, “The silhouette was a way to reset the mark for LeBron, and futuristically explore how we could help his game with the best that Nike offers.”

The following are five remarkable points about the LEBRON XVII shoe:

  1.  It has the largest Max Air unit that Lebron has designed in a shoe, and it’s set underneath the heel to provide optimum protection against shock, thereby giving the opportunity for a more powerful play. Furthermore, it features a soft padding directly beneath the unit for more cushioning.
Petrie says this about the role of the Air Max in LeBron’s line: “If you look at the evolution of LeBron's line, you'll see how he loves Max Air, and we felt like the volume of Air in the 17 was the next solution in providing the stabilization and support he needs”.
  1.  It has two additional Air Zoom pods in the forefoot area combined with the Max Air unit that altogether create a dual cushioning. The idea behind this hybrid design is that it is meant to cater to the changing speed of the each stride from time to time.
"The lateral and medial pods under the forefoot give him that response and comfort in conjunction with the Max Air bag," explains Petrie about the effect of this hybrid cushioning. "The way LeBron sees it, he wants to feel confident from the ground up. He doesn't need help jumping. He wants to feel secure on the way down."
  1.  It introduces the new technology, Knitposite—an evolution of the way the Battleknit 2.0 upper was constructed in the LEBRON XVI. In this latest iteration, it now combines Flyknit technology with yarns molded from heat, adding more style and form to the entire design. The overall result is a more sturdy structure that is more flexible and thus resistant to stretching.
"We wanted to blend the knit on the 15 and the strength of the Battleknit on the 16. The result is amazing. Once the heat is applied to the knitting process, you get this jewel-like armored exoskeleton that's stuffed with these yarns," states Petrie about this new upgraded design. "It's both structural and soft in the areas it needs to be."
  1.  Its tongue now features LeBron’s signature details. The LEBRON XVI’s heel features the familiar lion crest and the outsole showing a silhouette of him dunking. The LEBRON XVII mixes things up and moves those details all on the tongue portion, with a combination of letterings, “23”, “LJ”, and “I’m King”.
"LeBron wanted a more overt tongue for the shoe, which opens up the opportunity for personal storytelling," explains Petrie about this revised tongue design. "There are other micro details, too. Making the topline jagged was our way of stepping into the crown of the king. Also, there's a woven label on the medial side that has the inspiration for the colourway. It's almost like a key to the shoe."
  1.  It will be soon released on September 27th!

What do you think about these five remarkable things about the LEBRON XVII? 

We don’t know about you, but we certainly can’t wait to get our hands on this new model. If, just like us, you can’t wait for its release, download our Grailify app. There you will always get the latest updates on releases and restocks directly on your smartphone.

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