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Nike Combines Several Technologies in the KOBE AD NXT

Nike Combines Several Technologies in the KOBE AD NXT

Kobe fans watch out! Nike is releasing new KOBE sneakers at the end of this month. The KOBE AD NXT is all about speed. The sports giant combines several of its own technologies to create the ultimate sneaker. It has always been Kobe Bryant's wish to release a sneaker that offers the ultimate in comfort and control on court. The KOBE AD NXT is combined with FastFit, QuadFit, and REACT technology.

But, what are the individual components and why are they so special? One of Nike's latest developments is the QuadFit mesh. QuadFit is a new fit that prevents you from slipping on the sneakers by providing full support within the shoes.

FastFit, on the other hand, is a unique lacing system inspired by space suits. The system is designed to allow quick tying of the laces. The loop on the tongue makes it easier for athletes to get into the sneakers. When pulling on the forefoot strap, a complete 360-degree lock is created around the foot. To unlock the sneakers again, the loop on the side must be pulled.

“It is our most technologically advanced basketball shoe we’ve done in the KOBE line, due to the combination of complex components,” says Ross Klein, Senior Creative Director for Nike Basketball Footwear.

To top it off, Nike's REACT midsole completes the design. The sole cushions the athlete's every step, increasing the comfort level the sneaker provides.

Do not miss the KOBE AD NXT! According to Nike, the sneakers will drop on August 24th. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to say exactly whether the shoes will get to come out here.

Keep your eyes open for the KOBE AD NXT and visit us in our Grailify app. We will definitely notify you as soon as it is released.

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