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The FPAR x Nike SB Dunk High with Air Jordan 6 Details

The FPAR x Nike SB Dunk High with Air Jordan 6 Details

Tetsu Nishiyama founded the Japanese streetwear label FORTY PERCENT AGAINST RIGHTS in 1993. The brand originates from the idea that any original work of art that has changed by 40% no longer has any rights. This next collab with Nike SB and Dunk High underlines these principles exactly.

From a distance, it looks like a high-triple black sneaker, but upon closer inspection, you'll find more changes and unique details. The long black leather tongue is one of its remarkable details. Right on the tongue is an embroidered NIKE SB logo, while the lace lock features an FPAR branding. The tongue is certainly 100% reminiscent of the Air Jordan 6. On the inside are the words, "Trust No One" while the Swoosh is half-written with a "Don't follow me" and is then marked with a "Don't follow me."

The Swooshes have a perforated style that extend over the inner and outer sides. On the heel is a large pull tab with "FPAR" prints and a Nike-style FPRA Swoosh. The whole thing is packed in a translucent, plastic-like corrugated box featuring the co-branding of FPAR and Nike on the top.

Check out the release of the FPAR x Nike SB Dunk High and don't miss it when it drops! 

Rumour has it the sneakers will be released on October 25th. Updates say they will drop exclusively in Japan, but that could still change. If you don't want to miss any more releases or restocks, you should download our Grailify app. We will be the first to notify you directly on your smartphone.

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