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Developed by aerospace engineer Frank Rudy and designer Tinker Hatfield, the first Nike Air Max saw the light of day in 1987. Immediately loved, the Nike Air Max 1 began a triumphant march that continues to this day. Numerous releases, a few slightly different shapes, and a lot of colourways in all the colours of the rainbow later, the cult object with the "visible Air" in the sole is still just as coveted as it was in its youth. This is also due to the fact that Nike keeps giving the Air Max 1 a makeover with hot new stars. For its 30th birthday, Nike has now made itself especially chic and inspires us with beautiful releases in the Premium segment.

Elegant Sneaker Releases Celebrate the Nike Air Max 1

Only the best for the birthday! That's why Nike is celebrating its Air Max 1 with fine releases in the premium Leather and Jewel ranges. The trendy shoes in the upper price segment show once again that the Air Max 1 is no longer just a pure sports shoe, but is now absolutely suitable for everyday wear and mega-chic.

Nike has even brought a bit of bling-bling back into the house with the Air Max 1 Jewel. The Jewel Swoosh can once again adorn the high-quality pieces in the Jewel range, while the finest leather and suede combos in the Nike Air Max 1 Premium range in subdued colourways ensure an extra-elegant appearance.

Nike Air Max 1 Premium - Finest Leather Meets Classic Design

Here, Nike shows that they can do more than just performance sneakers, as the Nike Air Max 1 Premium releases are simply an absolute fashion statement. The leather bag from Nike is not new. As early as 1988, Nike introduced leather as an upper material in order to offer fashionable models for everyday wear in addition to pure sports shoes. Nike has perfectly transferred the combination of smooth leather and velvety suede to the classic design for its Air Max 1.

Depending on the model, the flat toebox comes in smooth leather or fine suede. The logo is embroidered or embossed into the heel cap. In the two-tone variants such as the Nike Air Max 1 Premium Ale Brown or Leather Kaki, Nike elegantly combines buttery soft smooth leather with suede and thus skilfully sets the scene for the classic style of the Air Max 1. In other models such as the Premium Dark Stucco, Nike even dares to use a colourful upper mix of leather, suede, and mesh. The attention to detail in the premium finish really comes into its own here.

Nike Air Max 1 Jewel Edition - The Return of a Legend

On the occasion of an anniversary, one should always remember one's past. Nike thought so, too, and this year presents several colourways of the Air Max 1 with the infamous little Jewel Swoosh. The first release in 1996 on the Air Force 1 was considered quite daring from a marketing point of view, but the success of the small plastic logo gave Nike reason enough to use the Jewel on other models as well. Soon, the Cortez and also the Air Max 1 were available in several colourways until Nike discontinued the whole thing at the beginning of the 2000s.

Nike is now reviving its glittering Swoosh for the anniversary in the Premium series of the Air Max 1. Exciting colourways in an elegant mix of suede or smooth leather form the perfect canvas for the Nike Jewel.

2017 - The Year of the Air Max 1 OGs

2017 was one of the most successful years for our beloved Air Max 1. Especially the OG colourways had their revival and were celebrated in several releases and restocks. The Air Max 1 OG "Anniversary Red" was probably the most popular style. The Air Max 1 OG Anniversary "Game Royal" definitely comes in second. But also, lesser known and popular styles, which don't look any less brilliant, have been re-released, such as the AM1 "Obsidian" or the AM1 "Aqua".

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How did Tinker Hatfield come to design the Nike Air Max 1?

One of Nike's most renowned and influential sneaker designers, Tinker Hatfield played a crucial role in the development of the Nike Air Max 1. Originally an architect, Tinker Hatfield came to sneaker design through a unique opportunity.
While Tinker Hatfield was working as an architect for Nike, he was asked by Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, to join the design team. Although Tinker was hesitant at first, he accepted the challenge and brought his creative vision to the world of sneakers.
For the Nike Air Max 1, Tinker Hatfield brought his unique perspective as an architect. He was inspired to create the shoe's iconic design during a visit to the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. The unconventional architecture of the building, with its visible pipes and structures, deeply impressed Tinker Hatfield and he saw the potential to translate this idea into a sneaker.
"It was interesting for me because it was a radically different architecture - hated by many, loved by some. It was provocative ... it was different," Tinker Hatfield said in an interview in 2013. "And it had changed the way people looked at architecture, and I thought that since we were developing new air technologies at the time, it would be a great opportunity, like the Pompidou, to turn that shoe around so you could see the technology."
Tinker Hatfield's vision was to make Nike's air cushion technology visible and integrate the "window concept" into the design of the Air Max 1. This innovative decision not only gave the shoe a striking aesthetic, but also allowed people to see the revolutionary technology inside the shoe.
By creatively combining architecture and sneaker design, Tinker Hatfield paved the way for a new era of sneakers. His work on the Nike Air Max 1 laid the foundation for many more iconic models and established him as one of the sneaker industry's most defining figures. You can read the whole interview with Tinker Hatfield here.

Nike Air Max 1 Collabos 2022

In 2022, the Nike Air Max 1 celebrated its 35th birthday, and to mark the special occasion, the brand launched an exciting collaboration with Travis Scott. Together, they designed three new Nike Air Max 1s that are sure to excite fans. The Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 1 collection includes a total of three colourways: "Baroque Brown", "Saturn Gold" and "Wheat". Each pair features a mesh upper and premium nubuck leather overlays. Additional details include a rubberised Cactus Jack tongue logo and a customised CACT.US CORP outsole. 
A distinctive feature of this collaboration is the inverted Swoosh on the outer side of the shoe, which immediately catches the eye. At the same time, the medial side of the sneaker stays true to the original Air Max 1 design, emphasising the roots and timeless character of this classic.
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