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First Look of the Undefeated x Nike Air Max 90 "Blue Fury"

First Look of the Undefeated x Nike Air Max 90 "Blue Fury"

Update 13-12-2019
After several leaks and pictures, Nike has now published the official pics of the UNDFTD x Nike Air Max 90 collab. And, in addition, the official date has also been announced, which is right before New Year.

The collaboration between Nike and Undefeated is more intense than expected. Even though it has become easy to guess the colours and designs of some sneakers, the colourways can in fact, still surprise us. High-quality leather in black and white offer the perfect canvas for vivid colors such as Infrared, the first-ever colour of the Air Max 90, and a glowing Blue Fury.

In addition, the shoe also comes with a double mudguard, which is a lot different from the previous models and features more colour accents. The two brands also show a different logo on the heel, where the "Nike Air" has been replaced entirely by a "5Strike".

All eight colourways will soon be dropping on December 27th at Undefeated. The Red/Black and Yellow/White colourways will be available only for kids.

On December 30th, the colourways Blue/Black, Blue/White, Yellow/Black and Yellow/White will then drop at SNKRS and SNEAKRS.

Update 12-12-2019
After the UNDFTD x Nike Air Max 90 "Solar Red" and "Blue Fury" were introduced, UNDEFEATED decided on the next new iterations. Via Instagram, the label tests the new colors "Optic Yellow" and "Green Spark".

This new post will certainly look familiar to some. At the end of August, UNDEFEATED posted two heel inserts from Nike Air Max 90 in "Solar Red" and "Blue Fury", which announced the collab of both partners. Now, the new pictures show the same AM90 patches with a "5Strike" logo. This time, the colourways "Black/Optic Yellow" and "White/Green Spark" will be added.

Further information or leaks from insiders are still missing. Many are speculating that the sneakers will cost about 160€ and will be arriving at selected retailers very soon. Previously, it was assumed that the sneakers would be released in autumn. Meanwhile, a release in 2020 is probably in the works.

We know how long you've been anticipating it, but unfortunately, there is still no release date for the Undefeated x Nike collab. In the meantime, you can now feast your eyes on the new pics of the Undefeated x Nike Air Max 90 "Black/Optic Yellow". The leaks of the latest collab between the two partners have actually been viral for months. But now, new photos of a new Air Max 90 have just appeared. Come and take a look at this yellow version for yourself.

Are you thinking of copping a pair?

pic by @isser.whitey.james
pic by @isser.whitey.james
pic by @isser.whitey.james Update 2019-09-04 
The release of the Undefeated x Nike Air Max 90 is not that far away, and fans can hardly wait for it! A few days ago, we saw the first close-ups of the Undefeated x Nike Air Max 90 "Blue Fury". Stadium Goods gave us a peek into what the other models of the eight-piece collection might look like. Now, Undefeated will soon be releasing even more pics via Instagram, where we can see the latest models.

The published pictures reveal the following models: "Black/Blue Fury", "White/Solar Red", and "Black/Solar Red". As we can see on the photos, all shoes come with either a black or white base. In addition, there are quite a few understated details in red or blue. By and large, the shoes look totally elegant and clean.

Don't miss the release of the Undefeated x Nike Air Max 90! 

All eight sneakers are expected to drop on September 20th. According to rumours, a kid-sized version of the fresh AM90 will also be available. If you don't want to miss the drop, you should download our Grailify app. There, you can get all information about the latest news, restocks, and releases.

pic by @undefeatedinc
pic by @undefeatedinc Original article 2019-08-30 
At the start of 2019, leak account py_rates teased us with an upcoming drop of Nike x Undefeated. There, they mentioned that 8 different Nike Air Max 90’s will be waiting for us this fall. A few days ago, Undefeated posted a teaser via Instagram and showed a photo of two heel tabs from a Nike Air Max 90 that will be waiting for us in the spring of 2020.

As if we can’t anticipate that enough, Stadium Goods has recently showed the first pics of a Nike x Undefeated Air Max 90 "White/Blue Fury". The shoe is actually a part of an eight-pair collection with the following designs: "Blue Fury", "Solar Red", "Green Spark”, and "Optic Yellow”—each having a white or black base.

This white Air Max 90 comes in leather and is complemented with "Blue Fury" accents. Other features of the shoe are Undefeated's logo on the heel, a lace lock, a Nike tag, and touches of vibrant blue all around it.

Don't miss the drop of the Undefeated x Nike Air Max 90 "Blue Fury”! 

Whether all pairs will be released at the same time or one after the other, we cannot say for sure just yet. However, we are assuming that the first drop will be this September. Don't miss the next release and get the Grailify app. There, you can get all information about news, restocks and releases. 

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