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The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow opens a new era for the wmns

The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow opens a new era for the wmns

The holiday season is fast approaching, and just in time for that, the well-loved Air Force 1 silhouette gets a new touch that adds a different dimension to the shoe's distinctive design. These added features is inspired by female power, drawing its strength from the 1s Reimagined model and thus staying true to Nike's vision of continuously reinventing how we pay tribute to the brand's classic designs.

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow

Senior Creative Director of Nike Women’s Footwear, Georgina James comments on female diversity: "We know women are infinitely diverse. They want something unique, and they want to use sneakers as an expression of themselves and their wardrobes. They also have deep respect and love for the icon." She further states how the new model represents that current focus: "Air Force 1 Shadow is a great example of how we channel desire and create new expressions through silhouette, shape and details, something unique but still familiar each season."
The Shadow's elegant design comes with dual details and layered accents, emphasizing how various women in their respective communities can bring about remarkable change through their dynamism and excellence. Complementing this obvious elegance is the functionality of the shoe's design. It comes with a midsole that is slightly higher, giving that much needed lift, as well as an outsole that makes the shoe more comfortable with its light, core-outed style. The Shadow's release date is set for October 3rd, and has already been adjusted to give way for the launch of two other models from the Women's Air Force 1s line.  The first one is the AF1 Shell that comes with light materials meant for protection from the season's elements. It has a water-resistant cover with adjustable cords that allow the wearer to modify its shape and feel. It is sprayed with DWR coating to repel moisture and protect against the cold--a truly stylish and functional way to welcome the winter months. The AF1 Shell will be released on November 1st.  The second one is the AF1 Reflective, which combines a soft, pebbled design for the leather upper with reflective 3M materials to provide more insulation during the cold weather as well as more visibility in low light conditions. The shoe will be launched on December 1st.

We sure can't wait to get our hands on these three new sneakers coming our way before the year ends!

This might be truly one great way to welcome the colder months. If you want to catch them as soon as they drop, download our Grailify app. There, you will always be in the loop about the latest news on restocks and releases.

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