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Trick or Nike Air Force 1 QS „Skeleton Black”!

Trick or Nike Air Force 1 QS „Skeleton Black”!

Even though October is still a week away and not too close to Halloween yet, Nike has already begun with the holiday preparation by being the first to pick up the pace. This latest model is reminiscent of the previous all-white Air Force 1 pairs released last year. However, the same light leather material has been swapped for a darker version--in keeping with this spooky season. 

Although we've seen an Air Max 98 with the full moon and tombstone design for kids, this new Air Force 1 comes with a foot skeleton in the form of an X-ray print. The realistic skeletal design is airbrushed and glows in the dark made especially for trick-or-treaters on Halloween. It also comes with a transparent outsole that lends a striking contrast to the overall look.

Get your hands on this latest creation from Beaverton and be ready to rock them this Halloween season! 

Rumour has it that it will come out on and at selected retailers on October 25th. If you want to get the latest updates on restocks and releases, download our Grailify app. There, we will always keep you in the loop about what's hot in the sneaker world.

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