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adidas NMD C2
The adidas NMD C2 is a lifestyle sneaker in the form of a chukka silhouette. The chic nubuck leather gives it an understated look that combines elegant, casual and sporty flair. Stylish and versatile is all that needs to be said. The use of high-quality materials provides the comfort, durability, and fit you want in a shoe like this.

What's behind NMD?

Inspired by the future, but in the here and now, that is the development of adidas NMD. Here we can see a perfect blend of the adidas archives. So, the special achievement of the NMD is to bring the technological innovations like the Primknit and the Boost in line with the classic adidas DNA and completely revalue it. Here, three decades of sneaker culture are combined and pimped.

NMD stands for dynamism and the future. With high-quality and practical materials, the NMD models are the perfect all-rounder. Both in terms of style, performance and comfort.

So with adidas NMD, we have a sneaker that is less about the performance and more about the life style shoe.

Opinions from the Internet

Especially the quality of the nubuck leather is well received by users. In addition, the chukka sneakers offer the perfect mix of sporty design, with reasonable comfort but also the everyday companion on the street that goes with any outfit. This makes the sneaker very versatile and can be perfectly combined.

Due to the excellent quality of the materials and workmanship, the adidas NMD C2 is very durable and can perfectly meet all expectations for an everyday companion. Due to the fact that the branding here is kept very simple, the shoe can also be combined with a less sporty outfit that stands out.

The Boost sole, which is similar to the Pureboost or the Ultraboost sole, is not only comfortable but also really liked by many of the users. Originality and minimalist design is what adidas wanted to express with the NMD C2.

Conclusion on the adidas NMD C2

The adidas NMD C2 is the perfect lifestyle sneaker that can be worn with almost any outfit. With its elegant and stylish design, it brings class and embodies the future and the present in one. Anyone who has had an adidas NMD C2 on his feet will not give it away. Sure, you can also understand when a sneaker is praised in such tones. Who wants a lifestyle sneaker for everyday use, is here at the right address.

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