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It impresses with its very unique look and its unique technical features. The Komyuter manages to combine function and fashion almost seamlessly, while easily stirring up the scene with its extravagance. To make sure you don't miss any more releases of this highlight, subscribe to our Grailify newsletter or download our free Grailify app. We are sure to see some more sexy colourways!

Nike Komyuter - Functional yet Fresh?

The Nike Komyuter was designed with one clear goal: to create a functional urban sneaker with a unique look. Often the problem arises that functionality has to give way to design and the wearer has to make some compromises. The Komyuter should be able to overcome this barrier effortlessly and still be beautiful to look at.

Let's start with the upper material used. It is made of tear-resistant nylon, which has a practical water-repellent effect. Especially in rainy cities, the Nike Komyuter comes into its own due to its material. In a rain shower, you no longer have to worry about the often sock-like fabric soaking up water and the sneaker hanging like a stone on your foot. The nylon used also has the nice side effect of giving the sneaker a high degree of lightness. The shoe feels extremely light and comfortable at all times, although it may seem a little bulky at first glance. 

Not to be forgotten is the special closure mechanism that gives the Komyuter a slightly military touch. This extends across the midsole of the shoe and adds a nice accent. In order to meet the requirements of high functionality, the closure must of course not be too conventional. The closing mechanism uses two magnets that make closing super fast and easy.

Last but not least, we should also mention the pull cord on the heel of the Nike Komyuter. This is not just there for decorative purposes, but also has a practical purpose. When trying on the shoe for the first time, it is immediately noticeable that the cord completely surrounds the inner part of the Komyuter. After tightening it once, the entire upper nestles against the wearer's foot and offers him stability accordingly. Sceptics of the shoe in particular repeatedly criticise how loose and unstable the nylon appears on the foot. However, it is precisely this feature that counteracts this effect and enables a light yet fixed wearing sensation. In combination with the magnetic closure, there are absolutely no problems.

Nike Komyuter - the Hottest Releases So Far

  • The Nike Komyuter SE Triple Black is one of the first colourways ever and offers the wearer a very simple yet very solid look. Logically, this release is completely wrapped in black and is therefore probably especially suitable for the minimalists among us.
  • At first glance, the Nike Komyuter Premium Black doesn't seem to stand out much from the Triple Black. But the differences in this model lie in the details. This colourway can be called premium because the upper has actually been supplemented with leather elements on the sides of the shoe. In addition, the white sole forms a nice contrast to the upper material, which ultimately leads to a significantly different overall look than with the Triple Black.
  • Those who have almost fallen asleep with the previous colourways due to their simplicity can quietly wake up again with the following release. The Nike Komyuter Premium Dragon Red convinces with a very gaudy and eye-catching upper. It is almost completely covered in a red/orange colour and thus attracts a lot of attention. A grey sole and further grey elements on the upper part of the shoe provide elegant accents that harmonise well with the bright red. Of course, the leather elements on the side panels, which give the sneaker its premium rating, are not to be missed in this release either.
  • Let's move on to the last release we would like to present to you. The Nike Komyuter Premium Light Bone is a nice contrast to the previously darker CWs, which might convince even the last sceptics among you. The entire upper material is kept very light and also has black accents. The dark sole also forms a nice contrast to the rest of the shoe!
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