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Nike Tuned

Nike Tuned, also known as Nike TN, was launched in 1998. The shoes are designed specifically for their customers by prioritising comfort and support levels for athletes during their intense physical activity. 

The Nike Tuned features a unique "Tuned Air" technology. They created this technology to provide a more specific and comfortable cushioning system, which helps the athlete perform better and minimise injury risk. Over the years, Nike has released various versions of the Nike Tuned, each with its unique design and colorway. Some popular models include the Nike Air Max Plus TN, Nike TN Air, and Nike TN Hyperfuse.

The Nike Tuned has become a famous classic sneaker and a main design in the sneakerhead community. It has been the subject of various collaborations and limited-edition releases with artists, designers, and musicians, making it famous among its fans. These are made for you if you’re more into stylish and innovative-featured shoes. Go grab them before they get out of stock. 


Here are some features of the Nike Tuned:
  1. "Tuned" Air Technology: The Nike Tuned features a unique "Tuned" Air technology comprising air-filled pods in the sole that will provide customised support for different areas of your foot. This technology provides an excellent cushioning system, allowing for better performance and safety of your feet.
  2. Skeleton Upper: The Nike Tuned has a unique "skeleton" upper base that showcases the internal support structure of the shoe. This design not only looks sleek and ultramodern, but it also provides extra support and stability for your feet.
  3. Breathable Mesh: They made the upper of the Nike Tuned of breathable mesh, which allows for increased ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry during intense physical activity. It will also help to remove any excess moisture from your feet.
  4. TPU Overlays: The Nike Tuned features TPU overlays on the upper, which provide extra support and durability in high-wear areas. 
  5. Rubber Outsole: They made the outsole of the Nike Tuned of durable rubber, which provides excellent grip and traction on various surfaces. The outsole also has a unique wavy design inspired by palm trees and ocean waves. It will fit your feet as a glove demanding no break-in period.
  6. Unique Colorways: The Nike Tuned has been released in various unique and eye-catching colorways over the years. These colourways range from bold and bright to subtle and understated, giving sneaker enthusiasts a wide range of options.
  7. Collaborations: The Nike Tuned has been the subject of various collaborations with designers, artists, and musicians. Some notable collaborations include the Nike Tuned "La Requin" with Sneaker Freaker and the Nike Tuned "Kiger" with Japanese fashion designer Jun Takahashi.
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