First Pictures of the Ninja x adidas Nite Jogger "Time In" Have
First Pictures of the Ninja x adidas Nite Jogger "Time In" Have Appeared

First Pictures of the Ninja x adidas Nite Jogger "Time In" Have Appeared

Update 19-12-2019
Richard Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is probably one of the most well-known streamers of today. Hardly any gamer doesn't know him. He conquered the virtual world years ago and now showcases his gameplay via online streaming. Together with adidas Originals, Ninja now also wants to enter the fashion world.

Blevins has thus proven the strong influence of fashion in the gaming sector. Gambling and streaming have not been a hobby for a long time now. For many, it is in fact a profession that costs a lot of time and patience.

The brand with the Three Stripes has taken interest in probably the most famous streamer and decided to come up with a sneaker collab: the Ninja x adidas Nite Jogger "Time In". The sneakers come with a light blue base combined with brown and yellow accents. In addition, there is some lettering on the inside that refer to the collab. On the left shoe is the word "Ninja" and on the right is "Time In".

In addition, the sneakers come with a comfortable white Boost sole that adapts to the overall design.

"If a Chicago kid who loves video games can work with one of the world's best-known sports brands to bring a shoe to market together, anything is possible. I hope that through this philosophy, I can help inspire the next generation of Creators to make their dreams come true - if you're ready to USE TIME."
Ninja announces the release of the Ninja x adidas Nite Jogger "Time In" for December 31st. But, the price is not known yet.

Original Article 16-09-2019
A few weeks ago, world-famous streamer Ninja and sports giant adidas announced their partnership. The first rumours and leaks as well as the videos had already been released. Now, the first pictures of the said collaboration can finally be seen: a Ninja x adidas Nite Jogger "Time In".

Ninja is known for his live streams and game strategies. He often surprises gamers with a random play and engages in a round of Fortnite with them. If you have him on your team, then you are most likely to win. Most kids watch all his videos and streams, making him an inspiring role model for an entire generation of avid gamers. adidas has probably landed one of the best online gamers in Ninja. Since the first teaser, it has already become clear that this partnership will be a complete success.

Ninja is known for his blue colour and yellow lettering. The upper of the Nite Jogger adopts these striking colours. The overlays are made of suede and are done in grey/white. The special features of this shoe are the yellow "Ninja" and "Time In" lettering on the inside of the sneakers. The lining shows us, however, that this is just a sample and not the final version. There will probably be some changes to appear really soon.

Don't miss the release of the Ninja x adidas Nite Jogger "Time In"! 

Do you think the sample version is perfect in itself or would you like to see some changes? So far, these are just the first leaks that have appeared. Hopefully, adidas will provide us with more photos soon. If you don't want to miss the next news about the "Time In" or other sneakers for that matter, you should download our free Grailify app. There, you can get all information about restocks and releases.


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