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Happy Buyer Buys Six Nike MAGs for 75 USD

Happy Buyer Buys Six Nike MAGs for 75 USD

With a cop like that, even Marty McFly would get really jealous. According to reports, a lucky buyer from Albany, Oregon bought six Nike MAGs for $75. The man apparently bought an expired storage unit for less than $100. But, no one really knew there were these treasures inside. On Twitter, the sneaker dealer showed his incredible find.

During a short interview with Complex, @wc_streetwear described how he stumbled upon his great find: "I personally didn't find it. I found the guy at OfferUp and I thought it was too good to be true, but I tried it. I sent him a message, and he had three pairs left after he sold the other three, so there were six in the storage unit."

The reseller also says that he has already sold a pair on StockX for 10,000 USD. A short while later, even the alleged seller contacted us. West Coast Streetwear was shocked and shared the conversation.

Would you believe these 6 Nike MAGs just waiting to be found in an expired storage unit?

The Nike MAG (2011) was only made 1,500 times. In 2016, another version with the same self-lacing system followed. On Twitter, many sneakerheads celebrate West Coast Streetwear’s unusual discovery.

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