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Latest Pickup: Nike Air Vapormax 2020 FK Multicolor

Latest Pickup: Nike Air Vapormax 2020 FK Multicolor

The brand new Nike Air Vapormax 2020 FK Multicolor will be released on 23.07.2020. We already had the honour to take a closer look at the evolution of the popular Vapormax. Here are our impressions.

Sustainability and environmental protection are terms that we come across in some way almost every day. Manufacturers like Nike have committed themselves to working much harder on this topic and designing and manufacturing their products with these premises in mind. We can already see this in various collections, such as the Space Hippie products.

The further development of the Vapormax, particularly the Vapormax 2020, is also a seamless continuation of Nike's commitment to produce durable and environmentally friendly products.

In fact, the Vapormax 2020 is one of Nike's most sustainable shoes to date and is made of at least 50% recycled materials. The manufacturer relies on its own rules and guides, such as the "Circularity" principle.

What is Nike's Circularity Principle?

Basically, these new rules can be summarized into one sentence as follows: "A product should last longer and be designed with the end in mind from the beginning". There are ten overarching categories, such as material selection, waste management, minimizing the use of chemical substances, etc. You can take a closer look at all these basic principles here.

The new Vapormax 2020 has also been designed and produced based on these thoughts.


Since 2017, the Nike Air Vapormax has been filling the shelves at retailers and our very own shoe shelves as well. With the unmistakable silhouette, Nike has created another sneaker that is loved from sneakerheads all over the world thanks to the large Air unit. The shape of the shoe is simply unmistakable and has been delighting the sneaker community for over three years.

Basically, the style hasn't changed even with the new Vapormax 2020. The silhouette has largely been retained. On the technical side, however, a lot has changed.

The colourway, on the other hand, couldn't be cooler. Multicolor has been very popular for years and the futuristic Vapormax silhouette in particular is an excellent example of the colourful mix. The large Air unit, which is also partially coloured, as well as the shimmering blue cage are a real feast for the eyes together with the colourful Flyknit.

Technical Details - Flyknit Meets FlyEase

As the subtitle already describes, two technological highlights from Nike come together here. We love and know the Flyknit very well by now. But the Vapormax 2020 also makes use of the FlyEase technology. The feeling on the foot is just too good when you pull the big strap on the heel and the whole shoe surrounds the foot smoothly. And with just one click, the foot can be "released" again in a quick, one-handed motion.

Conclusion On the Nike Air Vapormax 2020 FK Multicolor

We’ve been really looking forward to this review at the office. This is because since the first release of the Vapormax over three years ago, we've already been big fans of the silhouette.  The Vapormax 2020 once again brings the environmental aspect and some technological improvements, and we are absolutely in love with that.  But what we like the most is this spectacular colourway. The shoe is simply an eye-catcher through and through.

If you're up for these sneakers, you should stop by Nike on 23.07.2020 at 08:00 am. That is when the shoe will be officially released. Alternatively, you can also treat yourself to our app and stay up to date about important and limited sneaker releases.😉

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