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Nike FlyEase—Technology for Persons with Disabilities

Nike FlyEase—Technology for Persons with Disabilities

Nike not only continuously focuses on new silhouettes, collabs, or colourways, but it also pays careful attention to many other significant aspects, such as a new type of cushioning, which we have recently seen with the Joyride, or a new lacing system. Nike's sustainable developments and research often overshoot the mark and influence the new age. It always raises the bar for us without us noticing it.

A few months ago, Nike announced the new FlyEase technology. One of its first sneakers to launch the new lacing system was the Air Jordan 1 High FlyEase. The sneakers front-lined the "Fearless Ones" collection on November 1st with its black/red colourway.

Many already know that Nike works closely with several athletes. Their voices count a lot because their experience is very important for the brand's constant development and research. The Nike FlyEase system is designed for ease of entry and exit into the shoe. Men and women with disabilities will especially look forward to this new easy entry system, making their lives better by providing comfort in their movement.

Nike Air Zoom UNVRS 

Nike has even come up a philosophy so that a sneaker can be equipped with FlyEase technology. The sneakers must score at least 2 out of 3 points:
  • The sneakers must be easy to open and close.
  • Getting in and out is easy.
  • The sneakers are adjustable for different foot shapes and sizes.
Since the FlyEase debut, more than 20 models have been equipped with this innovative technology. Olympic champion Elena Delle Donne and her sister Lizzie Delle Donne, who has to live with a handicap herself, participated in the creation of the basketball sneakers Nike Air Zoom UNVRS. Through Lizzie, US basketball player Elena recognized the core features that the new technology should have.

Nike FlyEase is indeed going to help people with disabilities.

But what exactly is the new Nike FlyEase technology? The Nike Air Zoom UNVRS has in fact a magnetized heel that folds backwards and then reconnects to the midsole. Other sneakers only feature a Velcro or zipper closure. In the future, Nike is expected to grow further by working even more intensively with athletes.

The first pairs of FlyEase sneakers to be released are the Nike Air Zoom UNVRS by Elena Delle Donne and the Air Jordan 1 FlyEase and Nike Air Zoom FlyEase, which were all manufactured as part of the FlyEase program.

Air Jordan 1 High FlyEase

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