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Nike Presents its New Innovation - the Nike Joyride

Nike Presents its New Innovation - the Nike Joyride

Beaverton totally nails the next cushioning innovation yet again! Nike Joyride is primarily designed for runners, providing ultimate shock absorption for a comfortable run every single step of the way. But, what seems to be so special about the new Joyride, really?

Nike Joyride is actually the third creation of the sports giant after the previous innovations, the Nike Air and the Nike React. The new system contains thousands of small TPE balls distributed in different pods inside the sole. Every step or thrust is "absorbed" via an even distribution of the individual beads, thus adapting optimally to the runner’s needs. This creates a comfortable and highly adaptable footbed for the wearer.

The pod in the heel area is larger than the rest. This is because the said area receives greater impact on the foot as it touches the ground compared to the toe area, for example. The rear padding alone covers about 50% of the heel impacts. The forefoot area, on the other hand, allows for a smoother transition after the heel strikes the ground, making it indeed a wonderful “joyride” for the runner.

Could this latest innovation also be transferred to other sneakers, please? The Nike Joyride Run Flyknit, which is now available for Nike members, will be launched. The worldwide release comes on August 15th, followed by the Joyride NSW, the Joyride NSW Setter, the Women's-Exclusive Joyride NSW Optics, and the Joyride Kids Nova made especially for the little runners.

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