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sizetenplease with the AF1 and a New Generation

sizetenplease with the AF1 and a New Generation

If you've ever scrolled through a sneaker-related Instagram feed, you've almost certainly caught a glimpse of Massimo's distinctive sneaker photos under the name sizetenplease. He's also currently running the Solebox store in Berlin - and has shared his thoughts on the importance of the Air Force 1 for today's generation of young minds.
Do you remember when you first came into contact with the AF1?
The Air Force 1 was something like a daily companion in my childhood, they were the first shoes you could always afford back then. The first time I saw them was on Nelly's feet.

What is the best thing to wear with a new pair of AF1s?
You can wear a pair of Air Forces to just about any occasion, whether it's a wedding or a funeral. Personally, I prefer to wear slightly wider trousers and a loose top with them. But the Air Force 1 is versatile and pretty easy to combine.
Massimo a.k.a. sizetenplease and a red pair from the NBA collection
Since you run one of the most popular sneaker stores in Germany right now, I'm sure you see many different Air Force fans every day. Can you see a difference between the generations when it comes to the styling of the shoe?
Definitely. The older generation just wants to own and wear the shoes, they don't care what kind of trousers or tops they wear with them. But for the new generation, everything has to match. You wear green and red Air Forces? Then you can't forget your Gucci sweatpants! Today, the whole outfit is just as important as the shoes. And if it's not the outfit, it's a bag or other accessory.

Do you have any AF1 favourites yourself?
There are a few. The PlayStation shoes in blue and black patent leather with the PlayStation logo.... Finding a pair is like winning the lottery. And you probably really have to win the lottery to be able to afford them. I also really like the Air Force 1 "Linen". To be honest, almost every day I come across Air Force models from the last few years that I've never seen before and they totally blow me away.

What is your prediction for the future of the Air Force 1? Where will the shoe be in 15 years when it turns 50?
Basically exactly where it is today. It is simply one of the most timeless sneakers of all time, thanks to its changeability. Just look at the hype created by the VLONE collaboration, or the one with OFF-WHITE. I'm very excited to see what Nike has planned for the future, there's still potential for more.

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