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The very unusual and gigantic appearance of the adidas Prophere is said to have been designed primarily for the underground street look, and the chunky design is definitely out of line. And that is exactly what is causing a lot of excitement in the sneaker scene. Some have fallen in love with the futuristic style of the Prophere, while others speak of the "ugliest" design ever. As we all know, tastes are different. And that's a good thing, because it's the only way we get to enjoy such daring models as the Prophere every now and then. We like this bold step very much and could get used to this development. It seems that adidas wants to focus more and more on massive and thus daring designs in the future. A good example is the Cushion ADV that was recently rebooted with many new colourways. If you don't want to miss any more releases of such innovative silhouettes in the future, then you should subscribe to our Grailify newsletter or directly download our free Grailify app. 

adidas Prophere - Anything But Mainstream

If there's one thing the adidas Prophere is not, it's mainstream! As described before, the shoe stands out from the crowd with its completely new design and divides the entire sneaker community. You don't see such a huge sole, which is also equipped with studs, every day. We also don't have to do without the so-called cage, which we already know from models like the Ultra Boost. But we wouldn't be talking about the adidas Prophere here if it didn't stand out from the mainstream. The Cage is much rougher and also has thick stripes and suede elements. This makes the already eye-catching design stand out even more. Even though the adidas Prophere focuses on complete innovation, we can look forward to a comeback of an old acquaintance. As usual, the upper is made of the unique Primeknit, which provides the typical comfortable and light wearing comfort.

The beauty of the Prophere, however, is the increasing variety of colourways. The chunky design can be combined with many different colours and should have something to offer even the biggest sceptics. It was quiet around the adidas Prophere for a short time, but in March 2018 we will finally be treated to many chic colourways again. We are definitely looking forward to the further development of this extravagant shoe and are happy to have a little change. Routine is boring as hell!

adidas Prophere - The Hottest Releases of the Giant so far

  • The hottest release of the Prophere so far was already dropped at the end of 2017 and includes a damn exciting collaboration. We are talking about the UNDFTD x adidas Consortium Prophere Camo. The standard model of the Prophere already caused a lot of excitement with its unconventional look, but the collaboration between UNDFTD and adidas made at least as many waves. Both parties use mainly dark colours as the basis for this colourway. The popular Primeknit upper is given a dark camo. Ironically, camo doesn't camouflage you at all in everyday life and, on the contrary, probably stands out more 😉 But that's exactly what makes this colourway so special! It manages to stand out a lot with a lot of dark colours and the generally unique silhouette of the adidas Prophere. You wouldn't expect that from such a dark colourway at first. To add the icing on the cake to the immense eye-catchingness of this shoe, the greatly enlarged adidas stripes on the sides of the model are of course a must. By the way, these are also in a darker olive green and thus perfectly match the basic colours of the upper. A controversial shoe that comes with a colourway that is at least as controversial. The adidas Prophere may divide the community, but we love this new freshness in the sneaker game! 
  • If you like it a little more subtle and tidy, check out the adidas Prophere Triple colourways, such as Triple Black or Triple White. These are always particularly suitable for the minimalists among us. The shoe is completely black or white and gives the Prophere a nice clean look. A good contrast to the otherwise striking silhouette of the model. The Triple Black will drop at the beginning of March 2018 and countless sneaker fans can hardly wait for this gem!
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