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When looking for the best running shoe, adidas is unquestionably one of the first brands that come to mind. adidas is a good brand because it places equal emphasis on innovation and customer satisfaction, establishing it as one of the leading brands in the running shoe industry.

Best for Runners

The sneaker was inspired by the classic adidas ZX 8000 running shoe. They are available in various colors and designs. Some laid back and subtle, others bold and assertive.

From 2014 to date, several colorways and material combinations have been made available, including Primeknit, Xeno, mesh, snakeskin, and graphic print. They are a scaled-down version of the ZX 8000, featuring a split sole, a Torsion system, and SoftCell in the heel.

Jacques Chassaing initially designed the adidas ZX line to meet the demands of two different running styles. He thought that every runner had different needs and demands from a shoe.

Designed for Versatility

adidas ZX Flux is a great option regardless of training, run style, or surface. Every athlete should receive the best assistance and support from the ZX. The sports shoe quickly entered the fashion scene and gained popularity due to its distinctive look and excellent design, making it suitable for everyday use.

You get all-around lifestyle trainers with adidas ZX Flux. They have a Stabilising Torsion System made for street sports like skateboarding and lightweight, breathable uppers for fitness training. They also make fantastic casual clothing.

The sneakers come in various sizes and styles for men, women, and children. Choose the adidas ZX in classic black, or go as colorful as you like.

ZX Flux Silence

An icon in the world of sneakers, the adidas ZX Flux hasn't received any new colourways in months, leaving the sneaker community in mourning. The silence from adidas left many fans of the legendary shoe perplexed and yearning for fresh designs and colourways. The ZX Flux stood out in particular as it took the design language to a new level. The thin upper, often made from one piece of neoprene, gave the shoe a sock-like fit, while adidas' signature Torsion technology provided optimal support and stability. But what really set the ZX Flux apart from other sneakers were the endless possibilities in terms of colours and patterns. adidas never seemed to tire of coming up with new ideas for the ZX Flux. From wild, psychedelic prints to simple, monochrome colour combinations, the ZX Flux became the canvas for creative colour explosions. The sneaker community was always eagerly awaiting the latest releases of this model. Sneakerheads loved discovering new styles and adding unique colourways to their collections. The enthusiasm for the shoe was so great that it became a real collector's item and many sneakerheads had dozens of pairs in their closets. But for a few months now, it has been quiet around the ZX Flux. No announcements, no sneak peaks, no new releases. The sneaker community is longing for new ZX Flux designs, for a breath of fresh air in the collections. Social media is full of questions, requests and speculation about the future of this unique shoe. Maybe adidas has big plans. Maybe adidas is planning a surprise comeback of the ZX Flux with a stunning new design. Or maybe they have decided to retire this legendary sneaker, which would certainly trigger a wave of nostalgia among sneakerheads. Whatever the future holds for the adidas ZX Flux, one thing is certain: this shoe has played an important role in the history of sneakers until 2023 and will always have a special place in the hearts of sneaker fans.
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adidas Zx Flux



adidas Originals adidas Originals Frauen Sonstige ZX Flux



Adidas ZX Flux



adidas ZX Flux



adidas ZX Flux

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Adidas ZX Flux



Adidas ZX Flux



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adidas ZX Flux



adidas ZX Flux



adidas ZX Flux



Adidas ZX Flux



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Adidas ZX Flux



Adidas Originals ZX Flux



adidas Zx Flux W



adidas Zx Flux Macro Prism



Adidas ZX Flux



Adidas ZX Flux



Adidas ZX Flux



Adidas ZX Flux



adidas ZX Flux Xeno All Star Black



adidas ZX Flux Xeno Bold Blue



adidas ZX Flux Xeno Black



adidas ZX Flux Electric Yellow



adidas ZX Flux Dark Indigo



adidas ZX Flux X



adidas ZX Flux Hawaiian Black/Black-White



adidas ZX Flux Pattern Pack "Snow Leopard"



adidas ZX Flux Ocean



adidas ZX Flux Paris Grey Cheetah



adidas ZX Flux Adv X Wings and Horns Black



adidas ZX Flux Copper (W)



adidas Zx Flux Techfit Cblack Shkmin Cblack



adidas ZX Flux Xeno Silver



adidas ZX Flux Floral Blue Blue



adidas ZX Flux Clot RWB



adidas ZX Flux TechFit OG Aqua



adidas ZX Flux Lights



adidas ZX Flux Xeno Green



adidas ZX Flux Cityscape



adidas ZX Flux Xeno



adidas Zx Flux Night Indigo Night Indigo (W)



adidas ZX Flux Techfit Yellow White Onix