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Forbes Reports about Kanye West and his Life's work - Yeezy

Forbes Reports about Kanye West and his Life's work - Yeezy

You don't often get a chance to talk to famous rapper and entrepreneur himself Kanye West. Not even when it comes to his Yeezys. The English business magazine Forbes and its editor-in-chief Zack O'Malley finally had the opportunity to interview him, collect some impressions of his creations, and publish the article on July 9th. Mr. West gives us a glimpse of his years of hard work with his Yeezy creations, the inspirations behind the designs, and the making of the individual models and their connections to Kanye himself.

In this article you will see hundreds of Yeezys, some of which are prototypes and some of which have not yet been released. Sneakerheads are happy to recognize many of their beloved silhouettes such as the Yeezy 350 V2, 500er, 700er and the NBA excluded basketball Yeezy. Forbes estimates that $150 million in input tax can be attributed to those sneakers alone.

If one were to base their assumptions on what was discussed during the interview, one thing would be certain: the biggest inspiration for his amazing ideas behind those collections are cars. Yes, cars! Yeezus himself proclaims his hyped sneakers as the "Lamborghini of sneakers". He emphasizes how years of hard work with his team of designers were put into those collections, referring to "a spirit of ideas that's in every one of these miniature vehicles."

Thanks to his masterpieces, Kanye West became a multi-millionaire much earlier in life than Michael Jordan. Jordan Branding earns an annual sales of $3 billion. The Yeezys are estimated to break the $1.5 billion mark THIS year.

In the conversation with O-Malley Greenburg, Kanye reveals this simple truth in the way he feels about his creations: "There is a lot that I really love. I mean, I love them all. Let's just hope we see them dropping sooner or later."

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