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Jonah Hill Presents adidas Change Is a Team Sport

Jonah Hill Presents adidas Change Is a Team Sport

After a few weeks of leaks and rumours, it was clear that Jonah Hill was already working on a sneaker with adidas. Meanwhile, a short clip of adidas has been released in which Jonah Hill seems to be directing. Besides the actor, there are other superstars in the clip as well, like Pharrell Williams, Ninja, Blackpink, Jackson Wang, Yara Shahidi, Kerwin Frost, Anitta, Jenn Soto, Mariah Dunn, Mark Gonzales, Blondey, Tyshawn Jones, Liz Cambage, Pogba, Nigo, Chris Severn, Mette Towley, Tracy McGrady, Anna Isoniemi, and even German star Shirin David.

The clip is about the adidas Superstar that is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Even then, the iconic adidas sneaker already changed the game on the court. Today, Herzogenaurach brings together famous stars from different industries and shows the new changes in this distinctive silhouette that has influenced us in so many ways. Sports meets music, fashion, and art.

"There is no knowledge without the older generation that did it first," says Jonah Hill. "And there is no change or progress without the new generation. When these two generations come together, I feel like I'm creating the atomic charge for great art and great creativity."

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