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Kanye West Presents Yeezy Production in the USA

Kanye West Presents Yeezy Production in the USA

Radio DJ Zane Lowe recently had the pleasure of interviewing legendary rapper and designer Kanye West. They talked about Yeezys and among other things about his new album, Jesus Is King. We recently saw a big interview with Kanye when Forbes reported about him and his work.

In the Beats 1 interview, West also said that he ascribed great importance to bringing the production of the Yeezys and clothing to America.

"For me as a founder, it's really important to bring these jobs back to America," says Kanye West. Donald Trump agrees and is an advocate of more employment opportunities for Americans. It's no wonder that Kanye’s aim totally coincides with Trump’s belief. The rapper sees this as an opportunity to organize faster prototyping and to further expand the labour market.

Does this affect the sneaker game? 

So far, however, these are only possibilities that the rapper envisions. We do not know yet whether this may have a significant impact on us. Many fans have expressed their opinion that this might eventually lead to an inevitable price increase. This is due to the fact that productions in China are much cheaper than in the US.

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