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Zeina Nassar and Nike's "Sonne" Make a Statement

Zeina Nassar and Nike's "Sonne" Make a Statement

Nike finally releases the next film for its Just Do It campaign. For the next project, global brand Nike has teamed up with professional boxer Zeina Nassar to write a story with a universal theme. The focus of the video is on the visionary Nassar who supports the next generation of sportswomen in Germany and beyond.

For Zeina Nassar, her roots didn't come quite as easy. Before her career, she had to give up competitions because most of them used to prohibit women from playing in a hijab. It was Nassar who apparently rewrote the rules for boxing, breaking the boundaries for women all over the world by competing in a hijab. Not only did she show incredible strength, but she also displayed the winning attitude that it was okay to fight for what you believed in and stay true to your own passion.

In the film, Sonne, Nassar wants to encourage women to stand up when they are feeling defeated, to accept their failure, and to continue fighting for their future. All female athletes should fight for equal playing conditions--no matter what country or religion they come from.

To further align with the campaign, Nike will be organising an event in Germany on Sunday, the 8th of December: a Nike Just Do It Sunday event. Sports enthusiasts all over the country can sign up for this much-awaited event. Nike members actually get even more benefits if they stand up for their cause.

For a complete overview of the events, including registration and participation options, visit nike.com.

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