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Undoubtedly, the adidas forum shoe lineup has something for everyone. No matter what your liking is, be it size or color, this shoe can satisfy you no matter what. Average consumers and celebrities have loved street-style sneakers.

For someone who has the bucks and wants to upgrade their styling game, buying this shoe won't disappoint you. Moreover, it has both unisex and female-only options. The mashup of materials and colors is the way to go regarding footwear styling. 


If there was one shoe that never faded from sight, it is the adidas Forum. The brand keeps remaking and remixing the shoe's design to keep it relevant. The journey started with the Forum Hi, originally a basketball shoe. In contrast, the latest and greatest edition has to be Forum Mid, which came for Def Jam’s 25th anniversary in 2009. The shoe has also been used in some of the Marvel movies. It seems like there is no stopping the shoe.

Various Types

The adidas Forum is not just limited to one style or design. Instead, it comes in various options to cater to the needs of every shoe fanatic. Initially, the shoe was called Forum Hi, and you guessed it right. Hi stands for high tops that have optimal support for the ankle.

The Forum Low was marketed towards low-top lovers with shorter ankle support. And the Mid was released for people who love the Hi and Lo attributes. It had more ankle support than the Low while sharing the design aesthetics of the Hi.

There is one variant made especially for women, called Forum Bold. It has a chunkier sole that comes in all the crazy colors to complement the female demographic. The adidas Forum can be a comfortable yet stylish shoe.

Design Philosophy

The best thing about these shoes is that they look good with everything. They are versatile and have various colors. The adidas Forum is loved and endorsed by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. They have proved that it looks good with skirts as well as with trousers.

Reasons to Buy

  • Value for Money
  • Durable and Premium Materials
  • Vintage Retro Design
  • Several Color Options

Final Thoughts

The adidas Forum shoes are the staple of streetwear aesthetics combined with the comfort of a running shoe. Its versatile color options can make it look good on any outfit you choose. Be it a sports event or a casual party, wearing these shoes will not let you down. 

It has options for every need; if you want maximum absorption, go for the Hi variant. On the other hand, if you are looking for something sleek, go for the mid-variant. There is something for everyone in this shoe lineup.

Technical Details

The adidas Forum is an iconic sneaker silhouette that was first released in 1984. Originally developed as a basketball shoe, the Forum has evolved over the years into a popular streetwear sneaker and is now an integral part of sneaker culture. Its design was revolutionary at the time and featured innovative technologies and materials. A key feature was the double midsole, which contained a combination of EVA foam and polyurethane and provided optimal cushioning and support, while the outsole was made of durable rubber and offered excellent traction on the basketball court. In addition, the adidas Forum was distinguished by its signature Velcro closure system, which was located on the top of the shoe and allowed for customisation of the fit. Over the years, adidas released various versions of the Forum, including retro versions, collaborations with designers and artists, and new colourways.

Collaboration partners revive the adidas Forum

In the years following its debut, other adidas sneakers took the spotlight and the Forum sneaker faded into the background. So it was time to breathe new life into the adidas Forum! The German sporting goods manufacturer did this best with new collaborator Bad Bunny in 2021. On March 17, the Latin rapper from Puerto Rico released a brown adidas Forum "The First Cafe", which features a premium suede construction as well as premium leather and metal fastenings. The inspiration behind the design is simple though, as Bad Bunny took inspiration for the colourway from a cup of coffee that starts his daily routine. In addition, the look of the Forum has been heavily reworked for this collab. The Forum by Bad Bunny has a bold collar, double heel tabs and tongues and additional overlays for a distinctive look, a new silhouette is born. Later, more reworked adidas Forum Lows by Bad Bunny followed and the name "Forum Buckle Low" established itself in the scene.

The hype around the adidas Forum rose again thanks to Bad Bunny and the global brand with the three stripes decided on further collaborations to consolidate the retro sneaker's position. At the end of 2021, adidas will release an adidas Forum Low inspired by the classic film Home Alone. Many details allude to iconic scenes from the Christmas movie and even inconspicuous accessories from the film can be found in the Home Alone Forum, such as the McCallister family doormat, which unceremoniously became the sneaker's tongue label.

Other partners like the Japanese brand BAPE used the classic from Herzogenaurach as a canvas to celebrate their 30th anniversary. For this, BAPE gave two Forum Lows a distinctive look in camo style in blue and green as well as golden Dubraes in May 2023.
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