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Kanye West Spotted with a Brand New Yeezy

Kanye West Spotted with a Brand New Yeezy

Is the release of the next Yeezy 700 finally in the works? Since Kanye West’s last interview with Forbes, more and more leaks and pics of new colourways and prototypes are coming to light. One of these new Yzys could well be the new silhouette just sighted on him in his recent night out in Los Angeles.

Kanye showed up on the street last night with these new grey/cream/white Yeezys that remind us of the Boost 700 and 700 V2. Unlike its predecessors, the new shoe comes with a smoother midsole, the same classic tongue, and semi-transparent overlay inserts plus an upper with a graphic design for a much cleaner, elegant, and less chunky look.

So, do you think the Yeezy V3 is coming out soon? Will we get our hands on this new sleek silhouette this year? What do you think? Unfortunately there are no details about the new Yeezy yet, but you can be sure that we will follow up on that just for you. Get the Grailify App and don't miss the next news.

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