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The Nike Air Max 1 "Animal Pack 2.0" is Back

The Nike Air Max 1 "Animal Pack 2.0" is Back

Well, what do we have here?! One of the most coveted Air Max 1s in recent years is apparently getting a restock. Suddenly, this animal-inspired sneaker has reappeared at the Afew Store and is scheduled for April 30th!

Pretty much exactly two years ago, in April 2018, the pack dropped worldwide and caused an absolute hype back then. This Air Max 1 is traded on the reseller market today for at least 400€. Prices easily go over 1.000€.

So friends, if you happened to get a fat L two years ago, like probably 99% of all sneakerheads, then you will have another chance again next week, even if the probability for getting a W is probably much lower than two years ago. But hey, maybe we still have a surprise in store and more retailers will follow soon.

We will definitely keep you up to date.   

Pic by Afew Store

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