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Nike React Element 87
The 87 immediately impressed with its new upper and an extravagant reinterpretation of the React sole. The sneaker was originally designed by the Nike Special Team and then unveiled for the first time in collaboration with Undercover at Paris Fashion Week in March 2018. Since then, the Nike React Element 87 has been on the minds of every sneakerhead in the scene and shows no signs of disappearing from our brains anytime soon. That's a good prerequisite for becoming the shoe of the year! With these bad boys and their popularity, it is hardly just an empty phrase 😉

Nike React Element 87 - Unique Silhouette

The general aesthetics of the shoe impress us with a futuristic and technical look. Unique features, such as the sneaker's translucent shell, set the Element 87 apart from previous footwear. These unique features guarantee that some people on the street will look around for you. The unique sole in particular will attract a lot of attention, because there simply hasn't been a look like this before. The contoured midsole is also made of the very popular React foam, which is highly appreciated by sneakerheads all over the world. In combination with the striking elements on the foam, which are provided with very eye-catching colours, the result is an absolute eye-catcher and an undisputed hypebeast.

It comes as no surprise to us that the Nike React Element 87 was sold out everywhere in no time. The immense hype and success of this model has also led to steep prices on the resale market. You have to pay 290€ upwards for a pair of these treasures. Those hoping for retail prices in the near future should keep a sharp eye out for possible restocks and new releases. To be successful, you should download our free Grailify app! That way you definitely won't miss any news about this and other hype sneakers.

Nike React Element 87 - Smooth Wearing Experience

Already the look of the Element 87 enchants countless sneaker fans around the globe. People grin all the more when they get wind of the unique material of the sole. This is the very popular and special React foam, which fortunately is also used in this sneaker. Of course, the question arises as to what this special material is supposed to be and how the label with the swoosh came to use it.

Whenever Nike asks what is most important to the wearers of their shoes, the answer is always the same. We want better cushioning! At the same time, the sneaker should have the highest possible energy return and, of course, be very light. Resistance and durability are also a must, of course. Obviously, all of this is not as easy to achieve as it may sound at first. Packing all these qualities into one material is simply a difficult task, as some properties are in conflict with each other. A very soft material absorbs a lot of energy, but cannot easily return it to the wearer. Hard materials, for example, would be particularly suitable for this. However, these materials cannot offer a very soft and supple running feeling. There are countless of these very contrasting characteristics in a sneaker and its padding, but it was precisely this problem that the clever minds at Nike dealt with for a damn long time. Fortunately, in June 2017, they were finally able to present the sneaker world with a smart solution. The Nike React Foam was born.

With the help of countless researchers, they finally managed to come up with the groundbreaking innovation. The material created was flexible and at the same time offered excellent energy return. Running is thus unusually responsive in the Nike React Element 87, for example. In addition, the foam also broke through a supposedly insurmountable barrier. The Nike React Foam was tested over countless kilometres and even then hardly seemed to lose its effect. A truly groundbreaking innovation. Originally, the material was designed for basketball, as this is a segment where you can benefit greatly from the foam, but of course there was nothing to stop it being transferred to other running shoes with the swoosh. The entire sneaker scene is probably grateful for this, because it was only in this way that numerous hypebeasts were equipped with this unique technology. All the more pleasing is the fact that the popular Nike React Element 87 can also benefit from this technical feat.
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