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Air Max 98
In 2018, Nike is now bringing another classic to the shops in the form of the Nike Air Max 98. The little brother of the Nike Air Max 97 celebrates an explosive comeback, which is accompanied and supported by many old-school colourways. Retro colourways like the Gundam design really put you in a nostalgic mood and make you think the '90s are really back. And as it should be for siblings, the Nike Air Max 98 also bears a strong resemblance to its big brother. It completely adopts the infamous Air unit from the Air Max 97, which once again gives it one of the most comfortable running sensations. On the other hand, the Nike Air Max 98 also has immense differences to its predecessor. It comes up trumps with a completely newly designed upper and can thus clearly differentiate itself from its brother. The Nike Air Max 98 is, by far, not the most popular Air Max model, but it still has a die-hard fan base, and many sneakerheads can't get enough of it. So, a revival of the retro shoe comes in more than handy. To stay up to date with the latest releases of the model, download our free Grailify app.

Nike Air Max 98 - More Than Just a Little Air

Anyone who knows at least a little about shoes or sneakers will know what makes the Air Max series or the Nike Air Max 98 so special. With the introduction of the unique cushioning technology in the heel area, Nike made the breakthrough with the innovative models. We are talking about the outstanding Air unit here, which perfectly absorbs the energy emitted by the runner and thus ensures an unmistakably soft running feeling. The visibility of the air in the cushioning pads helped to create the unmistakable look of the Air Max. Originally, it was never designed as a lifestyle shoe and was aimed at a completely different target group. The development focused primarily on athletes and runners, especially. They needed a shoe that could help them reach their peak performance while remaining highly comfortable. And that is exactly what the company achieved with the Swoosh. No athlete had then ever felt such lightness during training and competitions. But it was not to remain only with the athletes who were so convinced by the shoe. The Nike Air Max 98 thus also developed into a must-have object of the sneaker scene in no time at all. Qualities like cushioning, lightness, durability, and a fresh look seem to do really well in everyday life! The big sales figures, unfortunately, failed to materialise due to the gigantic shadow of its predecessor, but connoisseurs still appreciate its unique silhouette to this day. All the better that the Nike Air Max 98 is getting its due revival and that today's generations can enjoy its design. Retro is what we like to see at Grailify!

Nike Air Max 98 - Promising Colourways!

If you haven't warmed up to the Nike Air Max 98 yet, you should take a look at the following colourways and see for yourselves. We think there are some great designs that should convince even the biggest sceptics.

  • The Nike Air Max 98 Triple White should convince sneaker fans who like the minimalist look. It scores points with its very clean and simple design and is, therefore, wearable for many occasions! An all-white shoe is very neutral.😉 
  • The absolute opposite of the Triple White is the Nike Air Max 98 Hyper Grape. Two colourways could hardly be more different. It is characterised by its very freaky colouring, and you would certainly think someone dropped a rainbow on the shoe. All kinds of colours are found on the upper of the sneaker, making it very special. Although it is not as versatile as the Triple White, it will still definitely get you noticed!
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