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Nike Air Max 93
A legendary sneaker that is simply cult. The Nike Air Max 93 is very popular with old-school sneaker fans and therefore more coveted than ever.

In recent years, Nike has launched new colourways for this sneaker that have been extremely successful and usually sold out immediately. Let's take a closer look at what makes this Nike Air Max 93 so special.

History of the Nike Air Max 93

When we talk about history, we of course have to talk about the entire development of Nike Air. Of course, this history is so extensive that we could write a book with all the information. Therefore, we only focus on the important events so that you can roughly understand the processes.

All in all, it has been over 30 years since Nike introduced the Air technology. In these years, countless silhouettes have come onto the market that have been constantly improved. The special thing about Air technology is that it has been around for so long. Of course, Nike has also introduced other cushioning technologies, but hardly any technology has been on the market as long as the Air technology. This is also the reason why the Nike Air Max 93 is so popular.

It all began on March 26th, 1987, where the Nike Air Max 1 was developed. This was the first sneaker with a visible Air Unit. The Air Max 1 is also known as the Air Max 87 by some sneakerheads. Designer Tinker Hatfield almost risked his job for this sneaker because the design was considered too daring. After all, there was a lot of concern that people wouldn't want to buy a sneaker where there was a very large hole in the midsole. Nevertheless, they tried it and the Air Max 1 hit like a bomb.

At the time, the Air Unit was much bigger than the competition, hence the name Air Max. Due to the good design and cushioning, the Air Max sneakers were extremely well received and immediately became legendary.

Three years later, the Air Max 90 was launched, also designed by Tinker Hatfield. True to the motto: "more air means more performance", another superlative sneaker was created. This was a sneaker that had even more Air in the sole than its predecessor. This created even more comfort and the design was freshened up with gaudy colourways. The Air Max 90 received a lot of attention because of this flashy design.

In 1991, the Air Max 180 was the first sneaker to have the Air Unit integrated directly into the sole. Tinker Hatfield worked with the designer of the Air Force 1 to incorporate even more Air into the sole. Incidentally, the name Air Max 180 came about because you could now see 180 degrees of Air Unit. Here, the sneaker fell out of the usual naming scheme. In addition to the sole change, the design was also adjusted to make the sneaker look a little narrower. A fact to show off to your friends: this was the first sneaker that led to a collabo with Kayne West. But this collabo is really enormously rare, as only very few copies were made.

Finally, in 1993, the sneaker that really interests you came along. This sneaker was first known as the Air Max 270 because it has a 270 degree air unit. The Air Max 93 was also the first sneaker to have so much air in the sole that you could see it in the heel. This sneaker was also designed under the direction of TInker Hatfield, really taking everyday things as inspiration to design this sneaker. The Air Max 93 was the first sneaker to show that Nike was going the unusual route and there were absolutely no limits for Nike. In the meantime, the technology had advanced so much that the sneaker could also be used as a running sneaker without any problems, and it was. 

After the Air Max 93 came the Air Max 95, the Air Max 98, the Nike Air Max TN (Air Max Plus), the Air Max 2003, the Air Max 360, the Flyknit Air Max, the Air Max 2015 and the Nike Air VaporMax. However, the Air Max 93 was a revolution that made absolute history. Here Nike proved what they are really capable of and that they have what it takes to completely dominate the sneaker market.

Material of the Nike Air Max 93

The upper of the Air Max 93 is a mixture of leather and textile. This makes the sneaker very robust, of course, but also light and breathable. Due to the high-quality material, the sneaker sits a little more firmly on the foot, but there are no strong heat bridges and the feet do not have to sweat. All in all, this is a very successful combination of high-quality materials and good design.

Opinions from the Internet about the Nike Air Max 93

The Air Max 93 is considered very light, which is appreciated by many users. Since the sneaker has been on the market for a long time, it is also rather inexpensive and thus offers a good price-performance ratio. There are now many colourways, which ensures that every potential buyer can find the right design. Thanks to the Air Unit, the sneaker is also very comfortable and offers a lot of comfort, while it is of course also very breathable. Retro sneakers are currently extremely in demand again and absolutely in - you get exactly this retro look with this sneaker at a great price. In the past, the photos in the online shops were not so good, which meant that the sneaker often came in a different colour. However, this problem has now been solved by most shops. This sneaker is also not ideal for slippery surfaces, as the outsole was developed more for dry ground.

Conclusion on the Nike Air Max 93

A very good sneaker that has a lot of history and has shown that Nike wants to go a completely different way here and can actually do so. The Air Max 93 convinces with its great retro design and good workmanship. In addition, the sneaker is in the lower price segment, which of course makes this sneaker even more attractive. So if you're looking for a solid sneaker with a good design, you're in good hands here.

30th birthday, but no comeback in sight

In 2023, the Air Max sneaker from 1993 will be a proud 30 years old and fans are eagerly awaiting a revival of the silhouette for good reason. But Nike seems to have other plans, because until July no new colourway of the AM93 has been released. In fact, the last release was over five years ago, in May 2018. But why aren't the shelves being filled with the retro sneaker anymore? Is Nike concentrating too much on other collections?

Unfortunately, there is no exact answer, but if you look at the latest trends on the market, you would think that the demand for other Nike sneakers is significantly higher than for the Nike Air Max 93. Revised VaporMax and new performance sneakers like the Nike Ja 1 are fully on trend and leave no room for outdated shoes. However, maybe the Beaverton-based company is working on new designs or innovations for the Nike Air Max 93 to improve the shoe before they release another variant to the sneaker market. Whatever the case, we'll definitely keep an eye on the line and update our release calendar as soon as a new sneaker is announced.
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