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Nike Sock Dart
The idea behind the Nike Sock Dart is much older than the production of the sneaker itself. Bill Bowerman, one of the co-founders of Nike, commissioned Mark Parker, Tinker Hatfield and Hiroshi Fujiwara in 1984 to develop a sneaker that would fit the description "sock with a sole".

When three creative minds work on such a task, the result can only be something totally crazy and cool. The Nike Sock Racer. Then, about 2 decades later, the Nike Sock Dart was released. It can be understood as a new, innovative version of the Nike Sock Racer. Who would be surprised, but Nike has once again gone one better.

The Nike Sock Dart was the first sneaker to be clad in a completely one-piece upper made of knitted material. It is the precursor to the running shoes we know and love as the "sock-like sneakers".

Material and Style of the Nike Sock Dart

If you prefer a sporty outfit, you've done everything right with the Nike Sock Dart. It perfectly rounds off a sporty style. With its modern and elegant look, the sneaker can also be combined casually with jeans or shorts. Comfortable, sporty, hot.

The sneakers are super easy to put on and take off. That's why they are also the perfect travel companion or when you need to go fast. The Nike Sock Dart is breathable and very light. Nevertheless, it has a padding that gives it the comfort and makes it the perfect companion even for a longer route.

No matter if jogging, gymnastics or everyday life. The Nike Sock Dart always fits. The material of the upper is flexible and light, but the midfoot strap still ensures optimal support.

Opinions from the Internet

The lightness of the Nike Sock Dart is particularly noteworthy. All users are convinced that it is a clear favourite here. It is stylish and puts many of its competitors in the shade.

The sock-like design makes it easy to get in and out of the sneaker, replacing the hassle of lacing up for a quick start. The performance is also spot on. The shoe is comfortable and still offers the performance you expect from a running shoe. But the cool thing is, everyone agrees, that the sneaker can also be worn in everyday life and always looks fresh.

The thin upper makes the shoe very airy, which is why the Nike Sock Dart is ideal to wear in the warmer months. It is a great summer/spring sneaker. However, if you get cold feet quickly, you should wear thick socks underneath in winter.

Conclusion on the Nike Sock Dart

Everyday, sports or other. The Nike Sock Dart is always an option. Everyone agrees on this. The sneaker is stylish, comfortable, simply the perfect all-rounder. You can't go wrong here. The durability of this shoe should not be underestimated. Especially for long distances, it's important to have a companion that doesn't give up immediately.
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