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Retro sneakers with a vintage look have been very popular among sneakerheads for a long time. No matter which shoe gets a revival, the hype is always immense. Of course, the same goes for the legendary Nike Air Skylon 2! The oldschool sneaker first debuted in 1992 and polarised the entire scene back then.

The unmistakable fade on the sides of the sneaker and the very prominent lettering on the heel have always made the Skylon 2 a very sought-after shoe. Logically, a lot of people are excited about the new release of the popular legend. Especially fans of the Air Max 180 should find the Nike Air Skylon 2 appealing and cause big eyes. To not miss any more news about this absolute one-of-a-kind, you should subscribe to our Grailify newsletter or rather even download our free Grailify app!

Nike Air Skylon 2 - Overcomer of the Eternal Retro Problem

Announcements of retro sneaker releases usually sound very promising and generate a lot of hype accordingly. But even these revivals don't really come close to the original. A subtly lighter colour on the upper or a slightly different material regularly cause great disappointment and indignation, especially among collectors. With new releases, small details are often left out or changed a little, which of course immediately catches the eye of the savvy sneakerhead. For many, a reboot then usually loses the popular status of the original and thus also the corresponding appeal. But is this really as big a problem as some fans like to make it out to be?

We can at least reassure you somewhat. Nike in particular regularly proves that they can stick closely to the OG of the respective shoe in their reissues. The Nike Air Skylon 2, for example, has been almost perfectly recreated and should therefore please even the strictest collectors. The "Eggplant" OG colourway in particular has already caused a lot of excitement. This has been very accurately realised and pays attention to all the details that made the Nike Air Skylon 2 so special back then. The famous colour fading on the side panels of the shoe also comes into its own this time and still catches people's eyes today. Of course, the classic signature on the heel of the sneaker, which basically just gives the model name a chic expression, can't be missing either. In conclusion, it can be said that the sneaker world is definitely richer by a successful revival.

Nike Air Skylon 2 - History Repeats Itself

Anyone who knows a little about the history of Nike and its sneakers will know that the shoes often share a very similar history. Many of them were initially designed as pure sports shoes and only later developed into absolute lifestyle shoes of the sneaker world. So it's no surprise that this also applies to the Nike Air Skylon 2. When it was released in 1992, it was originally designed purely as a running silhouette and focused primarily on high functionality when running. At that time, it was anything but unusual to focus on running shoes. Nevertheless, this unique sneaker already succeeded in inspiring the masses back then and this fascination continues to this day. Not every silhouette can do that!

Nike Air Skylon 2 - the Hottest Releases So Far

Fortunately, every revival brings new colourways with it, which usually look even fancier than the original colours. As always, we would like to introduce you to some of the hottest releases. Maybe the presented CWs will even convince one or the other Skylon 2 hater.
  • Of course, one colourway should not be missing at this point. We presented it above under a different name, but the Nike Air Skylon 2 Clear Emerald is probably the most sought-after CW of the entire reboot. This one is obviously based on the original colours of the "Eggplant", which probably explains the immense hype around this colourway. The entire sneaker was kept rather clean, which is expressed by the predominantly cream-coloured upper. The turquoise-purple fade on the sides of the shoe alone attracts a lot of attention. The striking lettering and, of course, the swoosh are kept in a simple black. All in all, a damn harmonious colourway!
  • The Nike Air Skylon 2 Solar Red doesn't really do much differently than the popular Clear Emerald, but that's probably why it's so popular. This CW also impresses with its clean design based on the cream-coloured upper. Only the fade differs this time with its pink-purple colour gradient. The swoosh is dipped in a dark purple to match and the lettering is in a bright pink. Overall, this release is definitely one of the more colourful CWs.

Jerry Lorenzo Designs Three Nike Air Skylon 2s

Jerry Lorenzo of Fear Of God made headlines in 2018 when he unveiled three collaborative Nike Air Skylon 2s in "Light Bone", "White" and "Black". The new Fear of God x Nike Air Skylon 2 have a distinctive, on-trend look. With perforated leather on the tongue, a patent leather Swoosh and a toggle closure, designer Jerry Lorenzo gives the shoes his signature flair without sacrificing the original style. Most of the keypieces are monochrome with grey accents on the toes and the special "Fear Of God" lettering on the side.
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