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Nike M2K Tekno
Nowadays, many exciting and spectacular silhouettes can be seen here. But one of the most popular and most celebrated is the Nike M2K Tekno. Originally just for the ladies world, the cool dad sneaker is now also available for the male sneakerheads.

History of the M2K Tekno

The history of the Nike M2K Tekno began in 2002. Back then, Nike presented the Dad Shoe with the Nike Air Monarch. This name originally came from the fact that the silhouette was often worn by middle-aged family men. Thus, the beginning of the chunky sneaker that has become an unmissable trend since 2018.

The M2K Tekno is actually an update of the Nike Monarch, something like a Dad Shoe 2.0. It can thus also be understood as a homage to its predecessor, which is seen as the origin of the trend. Jin Hong, Nike Designer, explains: "The goal in designing the M2K Techno was to keep the authentic and unique silhouette of the Monarch while incorporating new features to check if the Monarch is ready for 2018."

We were able to admire the M2K Tekno for the first time in New York, where it was presented at John Elliot's fashion show. So that was also the breakthrough. The Nike M2K Tekno had not only convinced with its comfort, but could also prove itself in the fashion world.

Many male sneakerheads have been eagerly waiting for it and since 2018, the M2K Tekno has also been launched for the men's world and directly with some wacky and cool colourways.

Material of the Sneaker

As we already mentioned, the Nike M2K Tekno was inspired by the Monarch design. Nevertheless, it has of course been modernised and spiced up. The leather and textile upper is still very much based on the original Monarch, whereas a thicker tongue and cool, newly placed swooshes set the M2K Tekno apart from the Monarch.

The Nike Tekno is super comfortable, thanks to the foam midsole that provides optimal cushioning. In addition, the sneaker is easy and comfortable to put on and take off, which makes the whole thing much more pleasant.

Conclusion about the Nike M2K Tekno

So if you're into the chunky sneaker trend and want a comfortable and stylish sneaker, you've come to the right place. The M2K Tekno goes hand in hand with a great trend. So if you like the chunky style of these shoes, you should definitely get one of these Nike M2K Tekno colourways.
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