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Nike EXP-X14

History of the Nike EXP-X14

What's special about the Nike EXP-X14 is that you can see a combination of numbers on the side. And this is not just random, there is more behind it. It is a reference to Steve Prefontaine, a great Nike running star who died at the age of 24. The numbers represent his time at the 1972 Olympics, where he covered a 5000-metre distance in 3 minutes and 54.6 seconds. He actually finished fourth at that time.

Material of the Sneaker

The Nike EXP-X14 is made with Nike React technology. This not only promises a unique running feeling, but also delivers on it. If you want to know more about the technology, take a look at our article. The upper of the sneaker is transparent and convinces with its bold and eye-catching designs.

The outsole has very good traction, so you don't have to worry about losing control on wet ground or slippery surfaces. The shoe is also flexible and adapts perfectly to the foot, which is definitely super important in a performance running shoe. The sneaker is extremely lightweight, thanks to its upper with light, translucent materials and the integration of Flywire cables, which reduce the overall weight of the shoe by quite a bit.

Opinions on the Nike EXP-X14

Clearly, if you need a sneaker that combines performance and lifestyle, this is the shoe for you. The most important thing is that the performance is right, but the design should not be neglected either. Thanks to the optimal traction that this shoe offers, it is perfect for any ground and simply fits every foot. The shoes also turn out really well. You can go for your "typical" size here, unless you want a bit more clearance, in which case you should go up half a size.

Conclusion about the Nike EXP-X14

So once again, Nike has left no stone unturned. Not only is there history in here, which you absolutely have to know if you're going to wear a sneaker like this, but there's a lot more to it. While the React technology is a real MUST for all runners, you can also count on the design here. The sneaker fits every personality and is the perfect mix between striking and simple.

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