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Nike Lebron 15
The LeBron 15 is designed to provide LeBron James with optimal support and a perfect cushioning system on the court. A technology that not only returns energy, but also absorbs stress. 

Jason Petrie, Nike designer, has been working with LeBron James for several years. Through years of working together, the two also have a pretty good connection. When the LeBron 15 was created, they both wanted something modern but aggressive that brought class but was still contemporary. An early version of Flyknit served as inspiration for the material. But for LeBron, a 120-kilo man, it was clear that it wouldn't be enough to give him the perfect support he needed for his game. So something completely new and unique was developed. And Nike succeeded in doing that with this sneaker. There was a goal that was realised and provided everything for LeBron and his game.

Material of the Sneaker

The BattleKnit material used in the Nike LeBron 15 was developed exclusively for LeBron James and his sneaker. This is a specific Flyknit material that provides elastic support and flexibility. It also offers a super comfortable feel. Of course, the sock-like shape that fits the foot perfectly also makes an appearance here. The high collar stabilises the foot even better and makes it easy to put on and take off. 

Another new feature is that the cushioning system combines two different technologies. This has never been seen before in a basketball sneaker. The Nike Zoom Air and Nike Max Air cushion hard landings and support fast and powerful movements at the same time.

Conclusion on the Nike LeBron 15

New boundaries have been broken with the Nike LeBron. A material was developed for LeBron that makes the LeBron 15 a very special sneaker. In addition, a combination of the best cushioning systems has been incorporated, which is essential for a perfect game. The Nike LeBron 15 is a sneaker that not only has quite a visual impact, but the technology behind it is truly incredible.

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