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Palace Announces a Winter Sneaker with Reebok

Palace Announces a Winter Sneaker with Reebok

Palace has always been known for its surprises. And, the skateboard label proves this yet again on Instagram. The London-based brand will be releasing an all-new Reebok model made especially for the cold season.

Instagram account @palaceskateboard features a rotating Palace Triferg logo and a Reebok Classic logo with the caption, "CUTTY", "WINTER", and "REEBS", signaling the new collab with Reebok. From these first two indications alone, we already know that it will definitely be a release set for winter.

Right on the back of the rotating Triferg logo is a jagged shark tooth pattern that points to Reebok's Ripple sole. This is at the very least an optimal basis for winter-ready sneakers.

The new Palace x Reebok winter sneakers are about to drop really soon. 

However, additional info, official pics, and other news are still missing. But, since they are meant to be winter sneakers, we can assume that the sneakers will be released soon. Of course, we will stay tuned and inform you as soon as there are more updates. Get the Grailify app and catch the live updates.

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