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The Sky High Farm organisation is truly remarkable and passionate about sustainable agriculture and universal access to healthy food. It was founded in 2011 in the picturesque Hudson Valley by artist Dan Colen. Sky High Farm is a non-profit organisation that tackles the problem of food in a sustainable and collaborative way.

Sustainable, healthy, non-profit and sneakers.

Sky High Farm is made up of dedicated farmers who are passionate about sustainable farming practices and making sure everyone has access to healthy food. What makes them even more remarkable is the fact that they donate everything they grow directly to communities in need. But they don't stop there: while they are dedicated to growing nutritious produce, they have also forged innovative collaborations with respected companies like Dover Street Market and Converse. These partnerships have resulted in high-quality garments and shoes that are not only stylish, but when purchased, a portion of the proceeds go back into the farm project.
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