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The so-called Speedfactory is supposed to live up to its name and be able to churn out up to 500,000 shoes per year. That's a lot of shoes that could make countless runners and sneakerheads around the world happy. In the process, the adidas AM4 also gets the crème de la crème of existing technologies from the house of adidas. So, we can look forward to the popular Primeknit in the upper of the shoe and the infamous Boost sole will also find its place in the AM4. To show off the progress and high flexibility of the automated production process, the brand with the three stripes will offer six variants of the adidas AM4. Models will gradually be released that have been customized with the help of runner communities from around the world. The starting signal for this will be given by the community from London, which will be the very first to be gifted with the AM4LDN. For the curious among you: AM4LDN stands for adidas made for London. We are definitely looking forward to the further releases of this unique series and can't wait to see how the process with the Speedfactory turns out.

What exactly makes the adidas AM4 so special?

In the Speedfactory, shoes were of course produced on a test basis beforehand and the feasibility was evaluated. For example, the Futurecraft M.F.G. has already celebrated its debut in this unique production facility. Interestingly, the two models are actually quite similar. The Boost sole and the Primeknit upper were adopted almost identically and even the silhouette is strongly reminiscent of its predecessor. We can therefore assume that the M.F.G. laid the foundation for further development and ultimately made the current launch of the Speedfactory possible.

Now, one could argue that an automated process or series production of these proportions gnaws at the qualities of the adidas AM4. After all, we sneakerheads are used to being spoiled with the latest technologies from adidas. But we can definitely reassure you here, because the Speedfactory can even implement some new features on the contrary. First of all, the adidas AM4 will be equipped with the classic Boost sole. Accordingly, you can expect excellent impact absorption and energy return. Not to forget the increased stability due to the very special Speedfactory Torsion System. Since runners all over the world place a lot of value on solid stability, adidas goes one better with the Speedfactory Tape reinforcements. These also allow for a much more snug fit, which, combined with the unique Primeknit Upper, results in a true explosion of comfort. In addition, the adidas AM4 gets an even grippier outsole to keep you in control at all times while running.

adidas AM4 - the beginning of the future?

You could almost call the official production opening of the Speedfactory and the cornerstone adidas AM4 a small step towards the future. The idea is to speed up the production of items with inclusion from planning to execution. This is to ensure a faster response to possible trends and customer demand. Typically, the entire process to complete a model takes about 18 months. The vision, however, is to shrink it down to less than a week so that the time between design and sale is kept to a minimum. At first glance, this may sound a bit overambitious. But we shouldn't forget how quickly technology can evolve. Imagine all the possibilities then! If the set goal of the Speedfactory should actually be achieved one day, then the sneaker game we know could change completely. Maybe adidas will soon no longer have to design the shoes themselves and can hand over the responsibility completely to the respective customer? Maybe we'll soon be able to design our own shoes and completely customize them accordingly? Thus, no one would have any more problems with footwear that doesn't fit or is unsatisfactory. We would simply upload our desired design and Speedfactory would implement it without any hassle. Then the adidas AM4 would no longer have to be customized for entire communities of runners, but would perhaps directly receive the predicate adidas made for YOU!

We know that there is a lot of "maybe", "possibly" and "could have" involved. But we are really looking forward to the further development of the Speedfactory and maybe soon we won't have to wallow in fantasies and possible scenarios anymore 😉 And until then, we can't wait to see what happens!

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