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Some simple but stylish colourways have been dropped, which are less overbearing and can therefore be perfectly combined with any outfit. So if you need an everyday sneaker, you really can't go wrong here.

Material and style of the adidas Haven

The adidas Haven stands for versatility. It is modern and yet has a touch of the 1970s in it. It is classic and a perfect complement to sporty and classic outfits. 

This sneaker catches the eye. And there are two reasons for that. Classic and style. The perfect mix. So if you're going for a more understated ride, you might want to take a closer look at the adidas Haven. 

The sneaker features a micro mesh upper, combined with a light touch of suede, which is used for the details on the heel. adidas also uses suede here for the distinctive three stripes. 

Some of the models feature a different upper to the traditional models. The OrthoLite insole provides optimal and additional comfort. 

The high-profile rubber outsole provides excellent traction and the EVA midsole provides comfortable cushioning. So some adidas highlights have been brought in here.

Opinions from the internet

The adidas Haven is one of the lighter sneakers, which makes it very attractive. Of course, the style of this shoe is particularly noteworthy, as it goes with almost any outfit, making the shoe a perfect everyday companion. 

The quality of the adidas Haven should not be underestimated either. It is very robust and very durable. So you don't have to worry that the sneaker will wear out after a short time. 

In general, the style is very popular here and if you have your eye on the adidas Haven, we can't blame you.

Conclusion on the adidas Haven

If you want to combine retro and modern - the adidas Haven makes it possible. Style and comfort are also very important here. 

The annoying "change sneakers every day" is also a thing of the past with the adidas Haven. Because this shoe really always fits. Whether you wear it with a shirt and shorts or jogging pants and a hoodie. The adidas Haven simply always fits. 

Thanks to the durability and high-quality materials, the shoe can really deliver what it promises.

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