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Look of the adidas Arkyn

The adidas Arkyn has a unique and futuristic design that has never been seen before. Here, the modern streetwear design was mixed with a signature running profile to create an extravagant sneaker. With a sock-like construction, the adidas Arkyn is built slim and flexible, with thin mesh uppers for breathability and comfort. The suede and neoprene inserts and TPU overlays enhance the sporty look and offer supreme comfort for everyday wear. This sneaker shows sporty versatility that can easily be paired with any casual outfit. It really doesn't matter if you want to wear the adidas Arkyn with shorts, jeans or baggy pants - they really always fit. We recommend ordering the sneaker one size larger so that it fits properly. 

The lacing system also gets special attention, because here we see a strong deviation from comparable silhouettes. With the new placement of the eyelets, the foot is held firmly in the sneaker while still maintaining the futuristic look. Another striking feature is the oversized label on the adidas Arkyn's Tounge. This label is made of premium leather, reflecting the origins of adidas through the prints written in German.

Background on the adidas Arkyn

This exclusive women's sneaker was inspired by some features from the adidas archive, which were fused with the latest technologies to open a new angle on the female streetwear scene. The end product is sneakers with enhanced looks that represent adidas' bold blend of style, culture, sports and creativity. The adidas Arkyn features Boost technology, which provides superior comfort and fit. The brand launched the Arkyn as a sneaker for "creating, working, thinking, inspiring and contributing."

The release of the adidas Arkyn involved five women who ideally embody the concept of the silhouette - Kendall Jenner, Florencia Galarza, Ana Kras, Marisa Cometello and Syv De Blare. These five personalities come from different walks of life, having mastered their respective disciplines - from influencer to athlete to businesswoman. The picks of the five female supporters of the adidas Arkyn were shot in their real life and work spaces to emphasize the personal connection and allow the photographer to shoot the women in the most natural way possible. Adidas could not have made a better choice.

Opinions from the Internet about the adidas Arkyn

The adidas Arkyn was brought out in a few colorways, which of course simplifies the possible combinations. The sneaker is very comfortable and has a good fit, which perfectly adapts to the individual foot. In addition, the sneaker is very lightweight, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The adidas Arkyn is a sneaker that has currently not been so hyped and is therefore not seen so often on the feet. This makes it possible to stand out especially from the crowd. Negatively, the adidas Arkyn is only noticed because there is this sneaker not for men and by the slightly higher price. Meanwhile, there is the sneaker but more often at a very good price, with certain promotions.

adidas Arkyn Conclusion

The adidas Arkyn combines modern lifestyle looks with performance elements that result in a new representation of what women's sneakers should be. It showcases a simple yet technical concept that features Boost technology, offering excellent comfort, lightness and trendy looks. The wearers all felt that the adidas Arkyn will continue to play an important role in the sneaker world, as the mix of good design and the latest technology is absolutely successful. The increased price can be explained by a very good workmanship, which makes the sneaker a good all-rounder.

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