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In order to strip the adidas Solar Boost of every last bit of excess weight, adidas put a lot of effort into making the super lightweight sneaker. adidas says the new silhouette weighs just 295 grams (10.4 ounces) in a men's 8.5 UK, which is a full 15 gram weight savings over the previous Energy Boost.

In addition, the adidas Solar Boost uses revised "Energy Rail" technology, a lightweight symmetrical construction that works with Boost to further increase stability. This practical construction is also designed to allow for a wider fit and free movement of the Achilles tendon.

Not just you, the adidas Solar Boost Sprints Ahead of its Competitors 

With the top sneaker, adidas fires direct shots at Nike's Epic React Flyknit model, which uses the new bouncy React midsole. According to adidas, internal research reviewed by an independent external partner has proven that the adidas Solar Boost can deliver even more energy with each step than the Nike Epic React Flyknit model. 

This energy output comes mainly from the adidas Solar Boost's 85% Boost midsole. The optimised adidas Stretchweb outsole is used underneath the Boost midsole for better grip. 

So the adidas Solar Boost is designed to give runners exactly what they need. Crushing performance and ultra fun running experience, plus easy to have the right grip on any surface. The concept of the sporty sneaker is based on the idea that anyone can be an athlete if they really want to be. For this, of course, the equipment has to fit. For this, the adidas Solar Boost offers the optimal running shoe for everyday running. This attention to the technical aspects of the shoe, but also to the experience, comes from the personal story of one of the shoe's designers: Marius Jung.

The adidas Solar Boost as Motivation Against the Excess Pounds 

Jung had been working at adidas for a few years when he realised that his work-life balance was no longer in balance. Carrying extra weight and feeling sluggish in his daily routine, he decided to take up running and signed up for a half marathon. However, this athletic trip was only a few weeks away and Jung set a goal to conquer the half marathon. He started running with one of adidas' running groups and quickly realised that as his fitness increased, so did his confidence in himself; not just in his athletic ability, but in many other areas of his life. This realisation became central to the story of the ultimate adidas Solar Boost sneaker. 

"The name Solar was inspired by the sun and how it serves as the source of all energy. Similarly, we wanted to make adidas Solar Boost a product that works so well that it supports those great runs that inspire confidence and creativity in all runners and elevate their experience and the sport as a whole," said the adidas design team. "In fact, the Solar Boost colourways (blue, orange, etc.) were inspired by the transformative light of the sun during dawn and dusk." 

Creating this universally uplifting and restorative running experience also meant designing something completely new that way. The adidas Solar Boost is the first shoe to be constructed using the Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP) process. TFP makes it possible to keep the shoe as light as possible while adding targeted performance-enhancing features to critical areas of the sneaker. 

The material of the adidas Solar Boost ensures a seamless and snug fit of the upper. The process is also a unique construction that not only reduces weight, but also the risk of chafing and heat build-up on the foot. The popular Boost midsole provides excellent energy return and allows the foot to feel the terrain underneath and adapt optimally as needed. Made from Continental rubber, the Racer offers excellent traction in dry and wet conditions. One of the shoe's innovations is its flexible heel counter, which allows the Achilles tendon to move as needed without being restricted by the shoe. 

Who doesn't get fired up for a new goal and the right move with this ultimate adidas Solar Boost sneaker!
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